This is an extremely special quilt approximately 4 x 3 made by a very talented and giving plus generous woman – Debi Crozier.
HERE is the story…..
It was made by Debi for what she called a ‘most deserving doggie’ @ Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) or to do with whatever was felt to be best, and we discussed whether to place it up for auction in our last planned Fundraiser of 2013, our 6th ANNUAL ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction. She never made mention of a name of a specific BHRR doggie to give this beautiful item too, yet, great minds ended up thinking alike!
When it was learned that HQD’s Cancer was progressing quickly now, I asked if Debi may be ok that we did end up keeping it to give to HQD, Debi told me that was what she was hoping we would do yet, did not say a thing.
Debi, THANK you! HQD thanks you too! It is stunning and your support of HQD and of BHRR is as special as you!!!
HQD is all snuggled up and comfy cozy in front of one of the fireplaces….. 🙂

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