UPDATE: It is BHRR WOLFIE Day at KAH – well, not for BunkerDude yet BHRR's Prince Eggo Belfast is hanging with me today – weight is a skinny 65.4 Kgs(143.88 pounds) – for his own Vet visit – thanks again to Joy, Debbie, Jenn & Jon for their invaluable assistance to help get him to me safely!

AND, OMG! THIS is the best news EVER!!!!!! BHRR's Nessie made the 'good' turn at some point in the night AND she is more alert, no more bleeding at this time(the Vets will still keep investigating), ACTUALLY ate a bit of food, had a pee and showed some love!!!

I am JUMPING UP AND DOWN?!! DO YOU SEE ME?!!! PLEASE feel free to jump up and down with me in HAPPINESS!!

Her weight is down to 67.9(149.38 pounds) yet, not surprising….she has a bit of edema going on, temp is back to normal and she is sharing the kisses with all!!!!

THANK YOU SHOUTED out to all of her well wish angels plus to everyone for the much needed donations AND, adding to her rescue angels list are:

Laurie E.

NEW TOTAL RAISED TO DATE: $1,061.47 FOR her care!! AND, NEW TOTAL of best healing wishes sent her way to date: PRICELESS!!!

Her Vet Bills for BHRR to date are: $2,283.11 AND we have yet to add Thursday plus Friday's charges and then Saturday's…..

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! So grateful to ALL of you!! Never, would I ask or beg or plead for myself, yet for dogs like Nessie, anything….I have no pride or ego and want to do the very best for her!

I am sorry that I did not get photos posted last night….I was soooooo tired by the time 3:30 AM rolled around and had to be back at KAH again for 7:30 Am that I just snuggled up to some Wolfie and special guest love and had a snooze!

BHRR's Dyson also has some AMAZING news to share himself!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! More updates soon!!!

Some photos and a VIDEO of her below.


August301 NessieAugust302
BHRR's Nessie – August 30th, 2013