HAS HQD been 'replaced?' *GASP*

My sorta BHRR's Salma story……HAS BHRR's Kaden learned from her? OR is he 'showing' her up?

When I arrived home tonight, Sean was so kind as to be ok for me to have a bit of a nap….and, BHRR's Kaden likes to sleep in an open crate at night in the ensuite, yet, he has been becoming braver to sleep on a Kuranda bed or Costco dog bed in the masterbedroom.

Well………..I am laying there and the next thing I know, this wet and cold nose is nudging blankets around my feet, tucking them under and around the blankets…..

I like to rest with my feet outside of the blankets yet, clearly BHRR's Kaden has *issues* with this for every time, I moved my feet out, her was 'tucking' them back in….it reminded me of HQD and her tucking BHRR's Maverick's leg in a Rupert Wrap when I brought him home after his surgery on July 4th…..

So, rather than 'offend' or 'upset' him, I then layed for the next hour with my feet all wrapped up, and feeling quite claustrophobic and hot, yet, once, I stopped 'fighting' BHRR's Kaden on this matter, he layed down on a Costco dog bed next to me and slept quite rather from the snores I heard coming from him!

I am sincerely hoping that this is a one time thing for….I am not sure how I am going to fair after decades of feet out of the blankets and if a dog wants to see them all nicely smothered in blankets! :p