BHRR's Kaden was in for his re-weigh today and he is now 122.10 pounds!! Wahoo! He had his DAPP booster and rabies! He is still nervous and scared at times yet, I also had BHRR's Ani with me for her own annual and that really boosted him up. He is slowly getting there and when he trusts you, he is putty in your hands! Gorgeous soft putty!!

BHRR's Ani weighed a fabu 103.18 pounds herself! She has lost some weight as she was snacking a wee bit too much on Kinsley treaties, so, we had to have a 'chat!' She had her vaccines updated and rock starred her own exam!
Yes, many blogs still to update and slowly getting there!

I had a wonderful moment sharing BHRR's Reese's videos to the Vet who looked her over at our Microchip Fundraiser and she was in delighted awe over her progress!!