UPDATE: BHRR's Titus came to work with me today and weighed a thin 53.5 KS(117.70 pounds). He is a blue with some brindle marking Neo. 🙂 His tail has been partly docked.

While it is in his best interest to keep him on the thin side, he is a wee bit too thin.

We did a hwt, thorough exam(his heart and lungs sound good!), he was de-wormed upon arriving to BHRR, was put on revolution, I did a fecal, had his vaccines from when he was at the shelter and was chipped and x-rayed and thank you to the shelter for cleaning his teeth plus they neutered him back in March.

He is on Tramadol & Deramaxx and I also had his eyes closely looked at as they have been a bit runny since he arrived. His entropic eyes along with haws have contributed significantly to him having eye infections. I now have meds to help treat his infections. His has many worn and discoloured teeth.

His paperwork says his birthday is December 18th, 2004.

We have determined that his severe plus multiple musculoskeletal issues, including bilateral hip dysplasia, bilateral un-united anconeal processes (elbow dysplasia) and spondylosis of parts of his spine make him a best candidate for our BHRR Haven Program. We shall be doing Canine Water Wellness for him and other alternative/holistic approaches as he deserves to give him the best quality filled life as we can.

He is quite weak – at the shelter since beginning of March and no clear treatment prior to that of any of his medical issues – and lacks clear muscle tone/mass. AND as per the shelter Vets and his own at KAH, we cannot rule out any neurological causes for his balance concerns too.

If there are any of our approved Volunteers that would not mind loving on him as he is part of our MMMM Movement Experience gang now, please EMAIL and we shall get some of those special dates/visits organized!

I am still working on more for The Lion Kings and I would like to see if HQD may like another outing! I really want to show these amazing dogs just how loving and helping hands can be over hurtful and cruel.

THANK you to all to date that have spent some wonderful spoiling love time with them!

He is settling in well, eating is getting where I would like to see it, almost fully integrated with all the dogs and making new friends daily! He can motor when he wants to and when I call him, the way he stops, looks at you and then gives this wee jump and does his 'wobbly bobbly' happy trot over to me….sigh, just catches at me every time…

He has been great with all the dogs he has been integrated with so far and we will pull out our ramp for the front door as he has to lift both his front legs at once to almost front hop up the stairs….

AND for those wishing to contribute to his care, you can donate funds to go towards his Hydrotherapy SWIMS at Canine Water Wellness!

YOU CAN FOLLOW our three MAGICAL MASTIFFS journey on our BHRR FB Page where they have their own Album – HERE

BHRR's Titus' "DREAMS DO COME TRUE" Angels: Donated to Date: $77.00 & Bills To Date: $1,398.81
Anna from Mother's Day Treat sales to assist three local rescues for helping with PRU's dogs

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BHRR's Titus – May 13th, 2013