Today's BHRR's Salma's Story! 🙂 This lovely dog is incredible!!

So, like many homes, we have a towel drying routine when coming into the house on rain, snow and mud days etc. 🙂

Well, I had dried off the last of the canine cuties which was BHRR's Spice this round of drying and was working with Kinsley on her homework.

A towel drops part on my lap and I look down and over and BHRR's Salma is looking at me and I am thinking…'ok, what is she trying to tell me…think Gwennie…think!' :)-

There was water in the two water bowls and sans drool, so, that was not the message she was telling me…like last Friday. 😉

Usually a fairly smart bunny in the forest, nope…no idea what she was in her mind 'clearly' telling me.

So, I take the towel and place it back at its resting place and sit back down.

Kinsley and I go back to her homework and plop….there is the towel again and this time, BHRR's Salma is sitting and staring at me….

Lord…what am I missing here??!!

Now, both kids and I are trying to figure out her message…and I check her feet and they are all nice and dry and I swear she let's out this small sigh of 'toleration' for my very obvious missing of her point!! LOL

Nope, we cannot figure it out and so, as I sat down, she came back over and rubbed her head all over my bare arm and it was like ewwwwwww and ick!! For, she just put all over me what had been on her own side of her head, a string of drool that would make any 'real' dog proud to be a dog!!!!

After she was done, she walked away with her wobbly bobbly weevly beebly walk with nary a look at me and layed down with clear disapproval for her 'pupil' – me for not realising that she had been slimed and wanted me to wipe it off!!

I am not one for projecting human emotions on dogs more than what they are capable of feeling plus having (which is a TON) but, she very apparently (not to me until I got the slime!) wanted me to wipe off the drool string from her head!!!

Kinsley said 'wow, mom….made sense after….'

Mason said 'is this dog for real??? My friends are going to pop at this story'

Me, I just look at her and say 'you are going to give me the ride of my life and beyond and reach me SO much!'

So far, I am batting 0 with BHRR's Salma!! LOL 0 for 2!!