BHRR's Velvet is back with me at BHRR while her temp foster family is away for the weekend! GOSH! I missed her and she is look fabu! 🙂

I also was in touch with the home that was going to be looking at adopting BHRR's Velvet in April and based upon what her home is currently going through, I am not going to adopt BHRR’s Velvet to this home at this time. They feel the same. A very tough decision to have been made by all.

One of their adult daughters is going through some serious medical concerns right now and the home is currently taking care of their daughters two dogs and cat.

We never finalize an adoption until the actual date and this is one of the many reasons that things can change and sadly, so. 🙁

So, she is going to be back available to be considered for other homes that may be interested in her.

We are keeping this amazing home, the whole family and all in our hearts and blessings plus prayers.


Below is a photo of BHRR's Velvet in her temp foster home with BHRR's Holden! 🙂 From what I have been told, she is teaching him to 'share' his bed! LOL LOVE it! 🙂

They have been taking such amazing and wonderful care of her! 🙂 THANK YOU!

BHRR's Holden(ADOPTED) & BHRR's Velvet – March 2013
*photo courtesy of temp foster home