Some results are back on some of BHRR's Autumn's repeat and additional testing:

She still is battling an UTI. 🙁

Her ALP is now quite elevated whereas the last bw we did it was completely normal. She is 798. Normal 5-131.

Cortisol was normal and due to her youth, unlikely to have Cushing's.

Possibility is gallbladder.

Recommendation is an u/s of her stomach now.

We have asked to have an u/s of her heart done at the same time with Dr. Javinsky.

We have our first BIG BHRR BOD meeting tonight and shall be brainstorming on creative thoughts to fundraiser for her ever mounting bills as we remain committed to her welfare and in receiving the best care possible.

AND those cruciates, one or both depending on what Dr. P also feels once we get to that point as I am staying positive!

She remains happy, full of energy, alert and her affection level could knock you over in its violent expressions of love! 🙂 She is so deserving! Her Vet even commented about how less lame she is now and not toe touching due to all the muscle and tone she has developed. 🙂

We are looking at having the abdominal u/s on Thursday and seeing about getting the heart done then too if not, shortly afterwards.

I shall be picking up more antibiotics and we are sending off for a C&S on the urine.

BHRR's Autumn's Bills $4,535.81