Sean called me at KAH @ 7:39 PM on January 2nd, 2012. He said that there was another coyote attack despite three adults supervising the dogs in the 3+ fenced in acres for the dogs.

We replaced all the fencing that we could from page and gaming to 4×2's while the weather was still warm enough to break ground yet, the snow began to fly and the ground froze. So, most of our original thought to be greatsafe and has been for a few years of fencing of page and gaming fence is still up and we shall have to endeavor to replace all with 4×2's come spring/summer or do a fence within a fence idea etc.

It was one month and one day since BHRR's Jetta's attack. They are getting much more bold and this one jumped the fence – and that fence is 6+ feet high.

The coyotes fanned the area and all targets have been submissive dogs for the coyotes.

Sean was not 100% sure if BHRR's Freedoms should go in and sent me some photos. I said that I would look closer when I got home yet, yes, he should go in. KAH was closing at 8 PM and I drove right home with BHRR's Spice and took one look at BHRR's Freedom. The biggest concern was if the ear could be repaired. Ears are terrible things to try and surgical fix when injured. He did have two other punctures that could possibly require sutures yet, would most likely heal well sans sutures after flushing and put on heavy duty antibiotics. He also had other smaller punctures/wounds.

It was exactly two weeks to the date that I had been at Alta Vista with BHRR's Dana. I did go back the day after she passed away to figure out the accounting of the bills yet, it was an eerily feeling in many ways for not only it was exactly two weeks, yet, it was within minutes of the same time that I had arrived with her.

His weight was a solid and very muscled(he received several compliments on his nice body tone/muscle).

BHRR's Freedom was excellent on his leash manners and was a bit nervous getting into the car and I felt bad for him as this experience 'out and about' would not be the uber positive one like all the others(save for his neuter!) for him.

He did all that was asked of him and I could not be more proud of his willingness to trust and listen to me. He was slouched low to the ground on more than one occassion yet, overall, was at least standing

He is so sweet and a very loving boy and I know that that right matched forever loving home is going to see in him what we do….a really special boy that has been so wronged done by before being rescued and that with patience, time, consistency, love and structure, he shall continue becoming the best dog he can be and he is one AMAZING dog already!

We remain patient to then…..

Yet, back to his Vet Visit.

The Vet agreed that the ear was the worst and that it would be tricky to try and repair for an ear is a tough thing to do surgery on – it was very jagged and the inside flap more than the outside – and the question was 'if' an attempt should be made. Yet, with how it was presenting, we all agreed, something did need to be done for it could not stay the way it was. We completely accepted that his ear would not look 'normal' after that and all the other wounds/punctures, would be flushed as the smell of infection was quickly setting in. Amazing how fast that bacteria that teems form the mouth causes infection. I left it with the ICU/Emerg Vet if they felt it was warranted to suture any of the punctures while he was sedated – in the end, they did two. They did feel that they would have healed fine without yet, I supported them being sutured if it would make things heal better for him.

They did a quick reversal on him yet, did not give him all the Antiseden as being stressed and nervous, this would allow him to rest longer while he was in recovery. I appreciated that the Vet understood what I was saying about BHRR's Freedom and that this was in his best interest. I felt much more comfortable leaving him for a few more hours and what an intuitive Vet! 🙂

He was out of surgery by 4:00 AM and he could come home anytime after 7 AM and he was headed home by 8 AM.

He is on Clavamox and Deramaxx and I shall remove the sutures in about 10-14 days time.

When the Vet talked to me at 4 AM, they mentioned they were so pleased by how nicely his ear did repair and that there would only be a few spots that may look 'crinkly'. They also discussed the mild debriding that had to be done on several areas yet, was not extensive. I thanked them profusely. VERY!

I ALSO want to thank the angel profusely who asked if I had enough funds to begin treatment for BHRR's Freedom. With BHRR's Dana's credit on the account by her life angels, I was 50% covered for treatment to begin and I paid the balance out of my own pocket for his bills.

FOR anyone thinking of wishing to consider to donate; I would ask to call Alta Vista Animal Hospital – (613) 731-6851 – and say you would like to put down a deposit for a credit on the account of 'FREEDOM' Boers so that the next BHRR doggie in need can benefit from your heart and kindness who will have to go to Emergency.

I am going to keep putting on a small amount each month as I can to keep building up a savings fund for emergencies do happen and over the last year, BHRR has had its share of dogs, have to go to Emerge as KAH and LAH were closed. Our funds have been so depleted and we keep trying to build up that 'slush' fund again.

Below are two photos that Sean sent my way of BHRR's Freedom's ear and neck on his iPhone, and the quality is not that great.

I shall take photos of BHRR's Freedom's healing progression and post as well.

HE is one very lucky boy….VERY! AND the whole time, he never once tried to fight back. He is such a sweet boy and the coyotes felt he was an 'easy' target. 🙁

BHRR's Freedom Neck and ear  – January 2nd, 2012

I also wish to post BHRR's Freedom's December 24th, TRADITIONAL BHRR Christmas Eve Photos

BHRR's Freedom with Sean & BHRR's Freedom – December 24th, 2012 – WHAT a handsome dude!