I wanted to share that I made a call today that I have been dying to do for two weeks!!

The reaction on the other side of the phone was just a mere image of my own…..

The incredible feeling of calling the wonderful home that has been housing and loving on 'Abby' while I pay and tend for whatever she needs in material comfort and vetting etc. to say t

That in about 8 days we can bring her into BHRR was like winning a lottery!!

I think the home and I know myself both choked up a bit!!

While many turned their backs to her, this home did not and neither did I. She may be a 'big black dog' to some, 'not a pup' to others, 'not 100% healthy' or housebroken or a multitude of other 'reasons' why no one wanted to step up, yet, I am glad that Pet Valu in K-Town directed them to BHRR for we WANT her and she is coming!!!!

Soon Abby! Soon!!