So, I know some have been waiting to read BHRR's Scarlett's update……

I took her to see Dr. Liston at Liston Animal Hospital today and her weight was just over 40 Kgs(88 pounds).

Dr. Liston(the same Vet that saw BHRR's Concert and does the cruciate and amputation surgeries on the BHRR dogs such as BHRR's Jaxson, BHRR's Potter, BHRR's Ava Marie, BHRR's Apollo etc.) did a full exam on her:

She was given ointment for her eyes – one eye had a slight green discharge as of today and Dr. Liston said her eye does not look red yet; put her on some ointment. She is also on antibiotics for the next 14 days. 375 mg of Novo Clav SID.

He checked her lungs and heart and mouth and in examining her tail, discovered why it is so stumpy. If you part the hair, you can see a scar and no hair – her tail had been docked at some point. That explains that!

We did bloodwork for HWT, full CBC and a presurgical bloodscreen.

He examined her abdomen plus teats and agreed with me that she is very much pregnant. While not lactating as of yet; she is pregnant. Dr. Liston explained that in early pregnancy, one can feel each puppy as a hard golf like lump. Then, he said there is a stage that everything feels like a long sausage and you cannot feel any individual puppies. Then, in the later stages, an experienced Vet can feel puppies again. Dr Liston says that she is in the middle 'sausage' feel stage.

Dr. Liston pegged her at around 7 weeks(42 days). Gestation can be anywhere from 57-63 days. She is just entering the time where all those bodily changes just begin to really manifest themselves, so, he said it made sense that since Saturday, Sean & I would note many bodily changes with her belly and nipples.

SO, let's do the math….BHRR brought her into our program on August 26th, 2012 and we are now September 4th, 2012. We have had her for 9 DAYS now.

I had thought around 30 days(yet, I am no expert!) and we had the very serious discussion surrounding can we safely spay her. I asked if we could do x-rays to see if there are any skeletal systems and was aware that if we were too early, we would not see anything. I asked Dr. Liston at what stage of gestation can we begin to see and Dr. Liston says that skeletal systems can be seen usually beginning around day 43 of gestation. LEARNING a lot with my visit with Dr. Liston…more than I ever wanted to know…. 🙁

Yet, he said let's do the x-rays and go from there as to whether we are in a safe stage to spay or not for her.

The first one of x-rays did not develop right – she was not quite right on the table(they do not have digital x-rays) and so, all sat on edge as another round of x-rays were done.

When Dr. Liston discussed them with me(he also showed me what he was looking for); I could see what he was referring too. He pointed out that BHRR's Scarlett is just beginning to demonstrate skeletal system development and so, based upon that finding; he said she was more like 35+ days. So, she is in-between what I originally thought and Dr. Liston felt upon just doing an examination. Dr. Liston was very impressive with how thorough he was plus patient, answering my million 'why' and 'when' questions etc.

NONE of which made me very happy for her. 🙁 Poor baby…she is a mere puppy herself.

This was a dog that was suppose to have been spayed by the Shelter; yet in their urgency to save her from being pts sent her on a transport that then turned into the shelter not having all the paperwork completed(she was one of four dogs that had to stay back due to this paperwork incompletion) and we had to pay for boarding for a week in Ohio and get her on a transport a week later. If she had been spayed at the shelter OR if she had arrived to BHRR when originally planned; we would not be looking at 35+ days of a pregnant dog. 🙁

Getting back to Dr. Liston's appointment with her though….so, in reviewing the x-rays(if it was digital, would post it here as all know how I post so much in a Gwennie novel!), you could see about 4 very very very small white lines beginning and there is most likely quite a few more in there that are not yet quite showing up. Very very very small white lines – to me almost like just a long dot and when Dr. Liston had me step back and review the x-ray from further away; you could see the 'shape' and the 'white dotline'.

So, Dr. Liston and the whole staff is very much aware of my position on spaying and neutering and he said that yes, she was still early enough to spay and we have scheduled her spay for Monday. He and his techs are supportive of why she should not be having puppies – she is a baby herself – even less than 11 months possibly and this is the best thing for her and I know that this decision is not going to sit well on several and that is unfortunate.

She should not be having babies and breeding should be left up to the experts and it is not just the cost and time involved; there are all these dogs/puppies already born that are hurting for homes and most of them shall end up being pts as there are not enough homes for them.

BHRR believes in full disclosure. Always has and always will and it could have been so easy just to say; she is being spayed and no background given re: her possibly being pregnant and having it confirmed etc. YET, we believe in educating and informing and PLEASE people; spay and neuter your pets….babies should not be having babies and dogs should not be bred without serious health testing and left up to the r/q show breeders who are out there not only preserving the breeds that we love yet; constantly improving upon their own lines. Breeders who bred very rarely, have contracts, screen homes AND are there to take their dogs back should the purchasers homes not work out…..NOT left to r/q Rescues to clean up and pick up the pieces and do right by these dogs.

Breeding is not about throwing two dogs together, it is not about having your children experience the miracle of birth, it is not about you just wanting to have a piece of your current dog and is is not about making money, exploiting dogs and making them have lives of misery for the benefit of bybers and puppymillers.

BECAUSE people did not do right by BHRR's Scarlett(she could even have been made pregnant by her brother that was adopted the day before the first attempt at transporting), BHRR shall have to 'clean' up. AND you know what, it sucks….it really does. Now, even in the spaying, there is always a risk to her…there is a risk even if we did not spay to her own life.

I value life….I cherish life….and do not think that I do not feel ill to my stomach for the lives that shall be aborted….35+ days or not and at the time of spay, she shall be 41+ days.

This was one of the worst blogs I have ever had to write.

SHAME on those that breed irresponsibliy and without thought and care…….SHAME!

AND one more time…..

SO, let's do the math….BHRR brought her into our program on August 26th, 2012 and we are now September 4th, 2012. We have had her for 9 DAYS now.

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