BHRR's Rose needs blessings. She and BHRR's Petal were spayed today and though, BHRR's Petal was the one that was bleeding; she is now doing well; unfortunately; we then had to go back in for another 1.5 hours with an emergency surgery with BHRR's Rose. Her spay went well yet; she began to deteriorate in recovery.

She is bleeding behind one kidney.

All that can be done for her has possibly been done by the amazing team I work with and I am taking her home with a pump and hydro to monitor overnight and hope things shall improve for my wee beauty.

Please keep her in your thoughts…..

VIDEO #1 Post-Op Emergency Surgery BHRR's Rose
VIDEO #2 Post-Op Emergency Surgery BHRR's Rose

She did weigh 18.8 KGs, which is wonderful to see her going up! I have to go back and check BHRR's Petal's weight to also post. My brain is forgetting right now.