Here is a TRIBUTE that ARC put together for BHRR's Atlas & also some really touching words shared my way by wonderful ARC Angel Karla.

I also want to thank Canine Water Wellness for all the amazing hydrotherapy sessions! BHRR's Atlas safe word was 'trust' and he came to trust and really enjoy his sessions there! 🙂



I'm so sorry for your loss and the loss the whole world experienced at the death of the magnificent Atlas. Thank you for sending along all those pictures. You know I'm not exaggerating when I say he looks 10 years younger/better in these pictures than the pictures taken the day we rescued him. He only had about 6 months with you, but surely they were the best 6 months of his life. He knew love, he knew joy, he knew what it was like, finally, to just be able to be a dog. I take great comfort in knowing he left this world \not in pain, alone on the cold streets but in peace, surrounded by people who loved and respected him.

Thank you for everything of yourself and of Birch Haven's resources that you generously gave him. He couldn't have had a better time or more love and comfort than he had with you. ARC is forever grateful for everything you and Birch Haven do, but especially for stepping up for those most in need like our dear Atlas who we will remember forever.

Lots of love,