Microchips/Nails July 10

14TH ANNUAL BHRR Microchipping / Nail Trim / BBQ Fundraising Event with support from Pet Valu Stittsville! 

                                                               Saturday July 10th, 2021 – TENTATIVE DATE!

*Traditionally the largest Microchip Fundraiser Event in Canada!*


We remain wonderfully overwhelmed and touched by the show of support imparted our way for the BHRR Animals in need of our programs.

The microchips are from 24PetWatch and they meet the requirements of the revised Canadian standard for electronic identification of companion animals. These microchips are also accepted by the CKC. Animal microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically implanted just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades.
*This is NOT a surgical procedure. The animal is awake and feels no more than like a mosquito bite.*

Dr. Zak shall be our over-seeing Vet again in 2020!
This shall be her 16th microchip clinic with us to date!

Every year millions of lost and abandoned animals are taken in by shelters, pounds, humane societies, SPCA’s and rescue organizations. Of these animals only about 15% of dogs and 5% of the cats (estimated numbers) are ever returned to their homes. The primary reason that the statistics are so low is, because the pets are unidentifiable. Microchipping provides the only truly permanent method of identifying your pet(dogs and cats-especially outdoor one’s!) and networking the animal back to their owners. If you want to improve your cat or dog’s chances of getting home; microchipping is your best option.

Date: Saturday July 10th, 2021 *RAIN OR SHINE!*
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Place: Pet Valu Stittsville – 1250 Main Street Stittsville

Costs & Payment: (Cash, Debit Card, Visa, M/C, AMEX & Debit Visa)
Dog Washing – Just $10.00 – Per Dog Back for a 5th year!
Microchipping – Just $40.00ALL Microchips are done by qualified Veterinary Staff.
Nail Trims – Just $10.00 – We will trim dogs, cats, rabbits & guinea pig nails!
Ear Cleaning – Just $10.00 – Per Dog – Back for a 6th year!

Hotdogs – $2.50
Hamburgers including also a Veggie Burger option – $3.00
Sausages On A Bun – $3.50
Chips – $1.00
Popcorn – $1.00
Drinks – Pop, Water and Juice – $1.25
Cheese – Add $1.00

Face Painting/Feathers & Tats – TBA
– By Donation

Meet some BHRR Animals TBA

Photography with – TBA
$10.00 for 1 head-shot

Pet Valu Stittsville Tent – TBA
Doggie Water/Treat Station
Lolli-Pop Station

Other Items:
Bake Table
Raffle Basket
Silent Auction Table with a ‘buy it now’ option

Items For Sale:
BHRR “CHAIN OF SUCCESS” Custom Key Chains – $20/Each
BHRR Logo Measuring Tapes – $10/Each
Car/Fridge Magnets – $5.00/Each
Cup Warmers – $2.00/Each
Dog Collars & Leashes for Sale – $5.00/Each
Gift Cards – 1 for $2.00 or $5.00/package of 3
Handmade Bracelets – $5.00/each
Homemade Doggy Treat Bags for sale – $2.00/Each
Kleenex Holders – $2.00 each
Leash Sleeves – $5.00/Each
Limited Edition Specialty Double Sided BHRR Dog/Tips/Information(various) Coasters(20 total) – $10/Each
Smoked Dog Bones – $7.50/Each
Tug Ropes – Medium $7.50 & Large $10.00
Wash Cloths / Hot Pad – $5.00/Each

We shall also be collecting CANADIAN TIRE Money & Empty Beer/Wine Bottles

Draw Prizes – TBA

Fire Department Visit – TBA

Police Department Visita – TBA

2014 Event SHIRTS / ITEMS SOLD OUT! 2012, 2010, 2009 & 2008 DESIGN(CAN STILL PURCHASE)
Note: $10.00 of each purchase shall go directly to BHRR to help support animals in need of our Rescue Program.

*If you have any draw items you would like to donate to this event (we could also use donations funds via Paypal or email transfer account is gwen@birchhaven.org) for 6 dozen hamburgers/buns, 7 dozen hotdogs/buns, 30 veggie burgers/buns, 24 sausages/buns, cases of pop, cases of bottled water, 24 juice boxes/kool-aid jammers, bags of ice & chips(1 pack of 25), popcorn, napkins, condiments & pickles, mayo, cheese slices plus hot peppers.

OR you would like to Volunteer

OR make homemade dog treats or human baked goodies; please contact Gwen or call (613) 725-4279

***For those attending, if anyone has any extra coolers, chairs or tables or a tent that we could borrow; please contact Gwen @ or call (613) 725-4279

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge & thank all the incredibly kind plus generous people who have assisted us to date with flyers, posters, donated items, media coverage etc. and/or shall be helping us out on Sunday July 9th. I do apologize most profusely if I have omitted anyone and please let me know so that I can made a correction.

We could not be successful without such wonderful people providing support. THANK YOU!

  • Sean – V 
  • Mason – V 
  • Kinsley – V 
  • Gwen – V 
  • Mary – V 

***In 2019; TOTAL RAISED: $3,974.51 + EMPTIES
*This does not include the $20 in outstanding $ in silent auction bids.
*9 Microchips, 8 Ear Cleanings, 35 Nail Trims & 31 Dog Washes were done! EMPTIES STILL TO BE BROUGHT BACK!
***In 2018; TOTAL RAISED: $6,156.21 *This does not include the $143 in outstanding $ in silent auction bids.
*24 Microchips, 12 Ear Cleanings, 54 Nail Trims & 48 Dog Washes were done! $31.30 in Empties!
***In 2017; TOTAL RAISED: $6,015.51 *This does not include the $135 in outstanding $ in silent auction bids.
*25 Microchips, 10 Ear Cleanings, 42 Nail Trims & 28 Dog Washes were done!
***In 2016; TOTAL RAISED: $5,905.25 *Second ever event that saw rain. *This does not include the outstanding $ in silent auction bids
*21 Microchips, 11 Ear Cleanings & 37.5 Nail Trims were done!
***In 2015; TOTAL RAISED: $5,736.75*This does not include $212 outstanding in silent auction bids
*19 Microchips & 43 Nail Trims were done!
***In 2014; TOTAL RAISED: $6,607.98 – *First ever event that saw rain. *This does not include $280 outstanding in silent auction bids

*36 Microchips & 42.5 Nail Trims were done!
***In 2013; TOTAL RAISED: $7,373.20 – *This does not include $460 outstanding in silent auction bids
*56 Microchips(tied with 2012) & 60 Nail Trims were done!
***In 2012; TOTAL RAISED $7,050.00
***In 2011; TOTAL RAISED $3,752.45
***In 2010; TOTAL RAISED $2,838.96
***In 2009; TOTAL RAISED $3,000.60
***In 2008; TOTAL RAISED $1,816.25