My own GD Drift (my piece of one of my best friends Ivy who suddenly passed away in 2012)

January 9th, 2012 – May 9th, 2015

Sudden victim to a grand mal seizure, caused severe brain damage and I cannot thank Dr. Zak and Allie enough for meeting me at KAH that night to help me let him humanely go………….. 🙁
I adored him, he adored me and, a crushing loss to my heart plus soul….he was a big part of me. Bonded and looked at me as if I could do anything… Humbling plus deeply touching.
He was a great therapy dog, showing the world the deafness is not an abnormal thing…..
I miss how he used to greet me, the sounds he made, the snuggles and the cuddles….and, all that drool!
I will meet you in my dreams each night Drift with so many others that have touched my life over the decades……
RIP………..you are dearly missed…….
I cannot type more right now about how special, kind and wonderful you were as the tears just choke me up….. 🙁