My greeting committee when I arrived home from work!

We have a small side yard off of the recreation room – about 500 square feet (our main yard is about 3+ acres safely fenced in) and Sean let these three amigos out to greet me! 

We have BHRR’s Miss Aramis & BHRR’s Athos(AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION) – two of our 3 Musketeers and we have BHRR’s Athos’ mini me! BHRR’s Romeo.

Per Sean, these three stooges played ALL day in the glorious weather!

Tomorrow night, Mr. Romeo goes in for his boosters, a re-weigh, recheck and to pick up his next de-worming plus flea/tick/hw meds.

He has only had one accident since I picked him up on Saturday.

He slept much better the second night over the first night in his crate. May tonight be even better 

I also think they were determined to bring out all of the toys from inside!!!

Those eyes…..they just grab at my heart! Another wonderful pic that had been sent our way by Sonyia!

Got him!
BHRR’s Mr. Romeo!
AND it was not until I actually had my hands on him that my feelings that he is quite possibly a Boston TerrierX could be true.
The way he moves, plays and sounds…..the way he jumps; so reminiscent of a Boston YET, truly, no one knows! He is a gorgeous wee mystery!  I work with someone that has owned Bostons for decades – they also think that Mr. Romeo may well be a BostonX.
Thank you immensely once again to his emerge temp foster home for taking great care of him until we could get him closer to us!
On Tuesday, he will be at our Vets for his boosters, a re-weigh and to further investigate if necessary his frequent urination – we only just got him here so we will see how things are with us plus we were told that he had been limping for a few days, so we will look into that further as necessary too.
Once we get things figured out for him, we will hoping that a temp foster home in our area would like to love on Mr. Romeo! If you are interested, do let us know.
He is dog and people EXTREMELY friendly.
He is about 35 pounds and he is social, a real character, sweet and is already fast making friends with some of the dogs here – BHRR’s Athos and he are like mantle bff buds and you know Mr. Romeo is a special gem of a dog when he makes Mr. Caramel feel comfortable! The dog that is terrified of new things and thinks every new dog is out to eat him….so proud of you Mr. Caramel for being so brave!
Mr. Romeo loves my own two wolfies and the 2nd of the three Musketeers, BHRR’s Aramis also!
I already know that this boy would make an excellent agility, fly ball and/or, obedience companion. If he is still with us come June; I am very tempted to try dock diving with him. 
He is delightful, small, affectionate, getting toned up in muscle and mass plus is lean…..
He loves to snuggle and cuddle and would make a great movie watching, book reading family member!
As I get to know him better; I will get a better idea of his interests, good and bad habits – he has demonstrated his voice today! 
Karen – he is every bit the love that you said he was!
Sonyia  – I agree, he is literally almost the perfect little dog AND thanks for the heads up re: scaling fencing….yours may be 5 feet yet, he has sure been looking closely at our own 6-9 foot fencing too!
I am on the lookout for a martingale collar for him. I do not have one small enough in the extra donations sent my way.
If anyone would like to sponsor him for a Wiggle Bumz collar, do let me know! 
Let the adventures begin!

BHRR’s Romeo!
Someone is now up to 31.5 pounds. 
As some are now aware, on March 11th, he was at the Vet with his foster family as he has been having frequent episodes of diluted urination.
He had an exam, two S.G.(specific gravity) tests, bloodwork including Chem 15, electrolytes and a repeat CBC(we had one done in Tenn). He was given more de-wormer and just this past week, another flea/tick treatment.
The Vet at the Hospital did an u/s and and did not find anything significant – right kidney was normal and while they could not appreciate the left kidney, nothing abnormal was noted.
Once he arrives to us, we will discuss with our own Vet Teams in re: to doing a urine c&s per the recommendation made if necessary.
I think this picture is going to go down as one of my all time favs!!! I hear these two are quite the pair! I am truly loving the updates being sent by his awesome foster home! We remain immensely grateful to them for all that they are doing for this amazing pup!
Once he does arrive to us in early April, he is scheduled to see our Vet Team for his boosters etc. on April 6th. If all remains going well, he should be ready to make his own special announcement around April 20th. 



1. STAY Tuned – Our Popular Drive-Way Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning Events will start up again in May 2021 – Our 2nd Year!
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2. ONGOING – On February 21st, 2013, I received a most delightful and touching email from a woman named Allie MacAlister that is so very active in helping others

She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

10% of sales of her products will come to BHRR!

*You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, totes, greeting cards and SO much more! She will be adding products regularly.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

Someone is doing very well!
Up to 28 pounds and his amazing foster home continues to say how wonderful he is with people and dogs. So friendly!
He will be due for his boosters and another de-worming at the beginning of April and if all remains on track, not long after that he will be ready to make his own special announcement!
I have asked his foster home what breeds they may think he may be and they believe HoundX; possible Hound/Boxer. 100% amazing and adorable!
AND I have been told Friday is bath day! 
Thank you so much to Sonyia for the great updates – giggle worthy! – and the equally great photo’s!

Mr. Romeo update!
I am told that he is settling in beautifully and is a wonderful as everyone says he is!
This is Romeo all snuggled up having a nap on his foster mama’s lap. 
He is most definitely not a Giant or even likely a GiantX and none of it matters. He is deserving, he is worthy and we are honoured to have him in our program.
We are leaning towards possibly a houndX…..does not matter and when the time comes for him to make his own special announcement, it is not going to matter to his right matched personality fit home either!
Thank you to so many that stepped up to help get him safely to his emerge temp foster home!

AND he is on his way! Wee BHRR’s Romeo! By Sunday AM, he will be all settled into his lovely emerge temp foster home.
On Tuesday he weighed only 22 pounds, the wee thing.
Whatever breeds he consists of; he is 100% adorable and deserving and we are honoured to be assisting him. 
Those eyes…..
If anyone would like to sponsor this little tyke’s vet bills – we paid $170.75 USD to begin his vetting protocols of vaccines, de-worming, bloodwork, neutering and microchipping; donations can be sent via PayPal to or via email transfer to
*we just need to know the password.
I also sent $150 to his emerge temp foster home to purchase food, treats, a dog bed, collar and leash, some toys for him. He is going to be so well taken care of with them! Thanks being extended to them again!
This is the sweet puppy that was picked up as a starving stray…..

BHRR’s Romeo – named by the shelter angels that picked him up as a very skinny stray last week.

Poor wee thing….

We are starting his vetting protocol this week(Tuesday March 2nd) once his stray period is up and ETA to BHRR TBD.