Someone had her spay today!

Miss Devaney(Deaf/Visually Impaired Black Lab Puppy) had her pre-op bloodwork, was spayed and I microchipped her.

She now weighs just over 45 pounds at 6 months of age.

It was lovely to see her again!!! 

Once she heals from her spay, she will be ready to have her own professional photo session and then to make her own special announcement! 

She is now back home with her foster family.


The adventures of Miss Devaney, the almost 6 month old Deaf/Visually Impaired black lab puppy continue!

Forget the ‘no couch rule!’ Here she is on the table at her Foster Mama’s!

I am just loving the stories, pictures, video’s of this wee monkey! From being crated 24/7 to this….24/7 adventures!

Her pre-op bloodwork and spay are coming up and we will ensure that she is also microchipped.

Once she heals – she has remained not having any seizures since she arrived into rescue and her neck wounds/burns are all resolved – she will make her own special announcement!

She is such a hoot!

I wanted to extend from my heart, the biggest of humbled thanks to everyone that has extended their kind support over the absolutely horrifying loss of Miss Valour.

Additionally, thank you to the generous loving rescue angels that made a donation in her memory to enable us keep paying off her extensive vet bills. We have had $400 donated. Your thoughtfulness has been deeply appreciative and soul touching….

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, wonderful good night wishes are being sent….

Someone was a bad baby! 

One five month old mischievous Black Lab puppy named BHRR’s Devaney stole the toilet paper roll at her foster mama’s!! 

Got a good few nibbles in before being busted!!!

She is just thriving!!! Her pre-op bloodwork and spay are coming up soon and about two weeks after that she shall have her own special announcement to make!

She remains not having had one seizure since she arrived into rescue. She is learning sign language and manners.

She has been such a hoot to follow with her antics and sheer love of life plus joy in seeing her having all of these incredible experiences.

From being crated almost 24/7, being placed in a prong and shock collar 24/7 that caused burns and wounds on her neck to living a grand life as any animal should be living makes me so happy for her!

Thank you’s being shouted out once more to her fabu foster family!!



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The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

BHRR’s Devaney, 5 month old black lab(Deaf/Visually Impaired) and her foster family older big ‘sister’!

I cannot say why or express in words how much this picture touches my heart!

From almost 24/7 crating, wearing a prong and a shock collar that burned and created lesions/wounds on her neck prior to rescue to living her best life!! This picture just screams freedom and contentment.

She loves the water!!

She remains seizure free with not having had one seizure since her arrival into rescue. Stress and trauma based remains the biggest suspicions to why she may have had them prior.

She is scheduled for her pre-operative bloodwork plus spay August 11th at which after she heals, we will work on her having make her own special announcement!

I remain greatly enjoying hearing about all of her adventures plus antics with her foster home!

She is such a typical lab puppy!

Thank you to her incredible foster Family for all that they are doing for her! They have not allowed me to pay for food or treats for her either…unbelievably generous!


My last post of my night is an update on BHRR’s Devaney!

This is her hanging out at my work after her Vet Visit.

She is doing FABU! She has not had one seizure since she arrived into Rescue.

She is the deaf/slightly visually impaired 5 month old Lab Puppy – Born February 10th, 2020 – that we took in that also had burns/wounds on her neck from being in a prong and electric shock collar 24/7.

She is keeping her foster Mama on her toes as she learns some manners! 

She is learning signs, to walk nicely, LOVES the water so we are looking at some water activities for her and perhaps even agility.

She is such a happy girl and living each day to the fullest! We are not sure if she will ever be a little lady yet, she does make an adorable ‘bull in a china shop!’

In about a months time, we will do pre-operative bloodwork and she will have her spay. We will microchip her at the same time and once she heals; she should be ready to make her own special announcement.

She has been a real hoot to follow her hilarious antics via her Foster Mama!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, warmest good night wishes are being sent!

Thank you to Elaine for hosting and to all of the really amazing dogs/owners that came out in support of our latest Drive-way Event!

This is BHRR’s Devaney, our newest Rescue! She loves the water at her fosters cottage! She was at work yesterday and weighed a chubby 15.8 kg(34.76 pounds).

She just turned 5 months old and we are working on that waistline of hers.

She is the deaf, visually impaired, IS, neuro plus has a history of having had a vaccine reaction puppy. The home was not treating her for her IS nor pursuing further diagnostics.

Since her emerge temp foster Mama, Lindsay picked her up last Tuesday, she has not had one seizure.

Her foster mama has been working on signs with her and she is one smart puppy!

She was de-wormed, put on flea/tick plus hw preventative and we are waiting to see if her seizures were related to stress and have a move forward plan should she have any now that she is in our Rescue.

She is your typical busy, active, curious, bouncy puppy that has not received proper physical and emotional stimulation or training – she was being trained with a prong collar and also a shock collar that caused serious burns to her neck.

It is also suspected that she spent way too much time in a crate and all of that has changed now.

Her future is big and bright AND once she settles in more, she will be spayed over the next 4-6 weeks, microchipped, we will do blood work and keep working on her training and showing her how amazing and kind this big world is!

All of this to say that thanks to the support shown at our events like tonight, we can continue to keep fighting that great fight to remain open to help dogs like her!

Total raised tonight: $497.85

Humbled and filled with such incredible warmth!

We are at our next Drive-way Event for nails & ear cleaning on Wednesday July 15th @ 37 Dressler Drive in Kanata!

*No appointments necessary
*Social distancing is easy to do
*We can take cash, debit or credit card

Lindsay now has her!!

Per Lindsay they are now shopping for a pupacino!

The just shy of 5 months(Born February 10th), Black Lab, DEAF, IS & Neuro puppy

We are going to call her BHRR’s Devaney. 

We also suspect some possible vision concerns and will assess that. It is clear when you see her eyes that there are neuro issues. She had encephalitis when she was about 6 weeks of age. At 10 weeks, she began having seizures.

We will be getting her into our Vet ASAP as the only thing the previous O.’s were having on hand was Diazepam (rectal use). They declined at their Vets to take any seizure meds.

We may have to move towards a MRI as this was something the O‘s own Hospital had discussed with them.

We are waiting for all of her prior Vet records to be able to properly review with our Vet & Specialist Teams.

She is going to bunk down with Lindsay for now and we could not be more happy!

We are deeply relieved to have her for on Sunday, I had received a voice message that we needed to get her sooner than we had originally had planned/was agreed upon with the home. They wanted her gone that day or she was going to be put to sleep per the husband.

I called the owner during my break and then went to work mobilising. Lindsay offered to pick her up yesterday first thing in the AM, yet, the Owner went on radio silence and the stress level increased tenfold as I worked to make contact.

It was a very worrisome time thinking that she may have been killed.

Yet, now she is safe and we will take it one step/day at a time figuring things out for her.

First thing is going to be getting her out of that ill fitting half check Martingale! She is way too young for that type of training collar.

Thank you Lindsay and if anyone wishes to be a rescue angel to her, she does need a new collar, leash and a Costco Dog Bed to call her very own!

When we know more re: her medical needs, we will post those.

Welcome to BHRR baby Devaney!!!



Deaf/IS/Neuro, almost 5 month old female black Lab Puppy (Born February 10th, 2020)

This is an owner surrender and as I have stated so many times since 1996; good owners do have to let their beloved pets go.

This girl has had seizures since she was 6 weeks of age, had Encephalitis which caused her to be deaf and we also suspect some vision impairment.

She has also developed neuro issues and when overstimulated she becomes focused and will prey drive due to the intensity of the level of excitement.

Owners worked so hard to do right by her, consulted a ‘trainer’ who advised to use an e-collar and it was kept on her 24/7 and she developed burns on her neck.

The use of the e-collar has made her behaviour worsen and with four small children in the house, this puppy has escalated due to the poor owners not being given the proper direction, support and guidance, to having bit two of their four small children twice- their son when she was 10 weeks of age(he was 2) and then recently, ther almost 6 year old daughter. She had taken the half check martingale, took the puppy off of the couch and then not long afterwards went to kiss the puppy.

Labs make great family pets and this home is no stranger to labs.

They have done SO much for her and now, with the love that they have for her; they want what is best for her and will surrender her to our strongly special needs focused rescue.

She has lived with four small children, another dog, a cat and she was loved beyond measure.

ETA to BHRR being worked on and once again, please join us in surrounding this lovely home – I spent almost 45 minutes talking to the one O. myself today – in support and caring kindness.

They are doing the right thing as the only other option is to have her put to sleep and they know that she is a wonderful puppy that needs more than they can give and their children’s safety has to be a priority.

We look forward to welcoming her to BHRR.