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BHRR’s Chester!
Almost 5 months old
Newf/SaintX Puppy
Mr. Chester was back at the Vets on January 11th.
He now weighs 99 pounds. A bit plump so his wonderful foster home is going to be cutting down his food a wee bit.
At his visit in December, he had a urinalysis by cysto performed – I also ran one in the house; we sent off urine for culture & sensitivity, we did an u/s and we did x-rays plus he had a full exam.
I did suspect when I had picked him up on December 19th that he had poor hips – HD, and we re-visited this on the 11th.
At his December 21st Vet visit, his Vet found a broken canine at the gumline – it could not be determined if it was his deciduous(baby) or his adult as he is presently teething.
He had boosters on January 11th and will be back on February 2nd for his final boosters.
We will then be scheduling him for x-rays of his hips under sedation – yes, HD is not supposed to be properly diagnosed until age 2, yet, you can still tell. He bunny hops when he runs has that hind end typical HD gait, has a severe lack of muscle mass plus tone in his hind end, and is quite weak in his back end. Even more, a reason to keep him lean.
Have to love greedy breeders who do not breed for the betterment of the breed plus deliberately produce mixed breeds.
While Mr. Chester is sedated, we will look at that tooth/mouth more closely for when he was back at the Vet on January 11th, we know that we have to get further into his mouth.
The amazing news that we can share is that he DOES NOT have ectopic ureters.
He also has had very few accidents in his foster home – he is dry every morning in his crate, and any urine accidents are the result of him not yet being 100% housebroken.
He is not dribbling nor leaking any urine accidentally now that his urinary infections have been successfully resolved.
This is excellent news!!!! 
While we move forward on his hips/tooth issues plus to finish off his vaccine protocols and microchip him; we know that at least he does NOT have ectopic ureters.
So, now we need to address the big concerns of his hips – this is a giant breed puppy, and the other not so pressing, yet still important issue of his mouth – more readily treated. Should he be a candidate for surgery, we will be having to travel to Montreal or Guelph.
AND this means more extensive vet bills for this young handsome dude…..
SO gentle reminder if anyone may consider supporting/participating:
The amazing Valentine Basket Draw put together by Carol Bruck & Katherine Bruck is Monday, January 17th!
To purchase tickets etransfer no password required & email Carol that you are buying tickets!
$10.00 for 10 tickets
$20.00 for arm length (30 tickets)
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2. ONGOING – On February 21st, 2013, I received a most delightful and touching email from a woman named Allie MacAlister that is so very active in helping others

She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.  

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

10% of sales of her products will come to BHRR!

*You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, totes, greeting cards and SO much more! She will be adding products regularly.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

Though, it may seem like our XMAS tree is ‘giftless’ again in 2021, in reality, the best gift is sitting in the other picture! – BHRR’s Chester! 
The giving of gifts to each other is so not important compared to saving a life in urgent need!
This is a picture that I took when he arrived for his busy day at the Hospital on Tuesday, December 21st. He weighed 35.9 kgs(78.98 pounds). 
Thanks to SO many joining us in surrounding wee 16 week old Mr. Chester with such a strong BHRR village, we have been able to pay for his vetting on Tuesday.
What all of us have done by coming together is to give this handsome WOW young man a Christmas Miracle! 
Another post to come with testing results, an update, etc….right now, it is traditional fam time at the Boers home after another very long day at work. 
I am filled with tears of gratitude, my heart is bursting with so much warmth thanks to our beautiful rescue angel network that has been showing him the best in caring kind wonderful helping hearts plus hands……..
In the New Year, we will begin our snuggle cuddle fundraiser to continue to raise monies for his vetting needs…..this boy is simply a piece of heaven!
From the Boerskins home to all of our friends, family and supporters, may your Christmas EVE/Day be safe and filled with immense happiness plus health.

Mr. Chester was at the Vet – my work – today, and I got some serious loving!!
So nice to see him again!! 
More soon!

Mr. Chester (4 months old) had a great night according to his wonderful foster mama! 
AND per his foster mom, BHRR’s Maxwell(ADOPTED November 23rd, 2021) found a new source for getting his water!! Ewwww! 
I noted some blood on the one blanket that he was laying on when I was transporting him.
I also asked his foster mom if they could pick up some unscented baby wipes and peneten.
His foster mama says that he does have redness/rash on the inside of his thighs, and we do want to avoid any further urine scalding.
Tomorrow he is at the vet at 11:30 am and we will post as we can!
Thank you again to everyone that has surrounded him with so much love…we want to give him a Christmas miracle….

Mr. Chester is being shown the yard by his ‘big’ foster sister River! 
His ‘big’ brother, BHRR’s Mr. Maxwell(Adopted November 23rd, 2021) is probably inside where it is warmer! 
Mr. Chester has been in the caring shelter since November – at least the 29th – and now seeing him in a wonderful foster home is very heartwarming! 

Got him, now dropped off at his foster home! 

Beyond precious!

I will see him again on Tuesday for the beginning of his medical rehab journey.

Everything crossed that he can be rehabilitated successfully. He is just so lovely!

We will keep everyone posted! We are deeply indebted to many that have come together to surround him with a strong BHRR village of support!

Making my drive home to have a late supper with Sean! See you in ~1 hour!

Mr. Chester is hanging in so well from all the wonderful reports coming in from the angel drivers!
There are a lot of animals on this transport including Guinea pigs and a rabbit.
The rabbit (a male named Maggie!) comes from the same shelter as he does.
The transport is running almost an hour behind yet slow but sure.
We are being told by many just how much fun he is – sweet, timid, and did I say everyone thinks he is sweet yet?!! 
Once I get him, I will be driving him with bags of food, etc., to his foster in Kanata.
Going to be a late-night! Yet, a truly rewarding one. 

Mr. Chester is travelling well!
He is super sweet per all of his transport angels – very timid about getting into the vehicles (cannot blame him) – so folks are lifting him in.
Wee Giant! ~70 pounds of fluff! 
Thank you to all that have come together to make lifesaving donations for him to see several specialists…..
This photo is the credit of Norma – one of his rescue drivers!

Wee 16 week old Chester is on his way!!
The first angel transporter said he is a sweetheart all the way!! 
I will be meeting the last of his rescue angel drivers for 6 pm tonight, then making the drive to his foster home.
It is a big day for him.
This is another pic of him while at the shelter last week when I asked for a few more pics.
The ‘bed head’ hair is awesome!!

UPDATE: we are working on 16 weeks old Mr. Chester’s transport for tomorrow.
I asked for some new pics to post and this one just captured my soul.
I also asked the shelter if they were sure he was a Saint/Newf as he looks so much like a Leonberger baby. 
The shelter said the Owner stated a Newf/Saint and my contact there also thought possible Leonberger too!
I am aware of several litters of Byber Saint/Newfs in that area that were born over the last few months…
Regardless, he is 100% stunning and deserving.
Thanks to the incredibly generous hearts of so many, we are just shy of $500 of our goal to raise for him.
We also have him booked in on Tuesday to begin his proactive/preventative vet care.
Donations can be sent via PayPal to
OR via email transfer to
Save your Empties to donate is another amazing way to support him!
AND yes, he does have a fabulous foster home that will be loving on him!
Soon wee dude, soon! You will be here soon!

**UPDATE: $715 Raised To Date* 

We were contacted last night about this urgent medical 16 week old Saint Bernard/Newf Puppy.

He needs a Christmas miracle.

Euthanasia was one of the recommendations on the table by the Vet, and we felt he deserves the opportunity to determine what his diagnosis and prognosis may be. The wonderful Shelter felt the same as they reached out for possible rescue assistance per the additional recommendation made by the Vet to consider rescue as another possible option as long as the rescue remains dedicated to doing what is in his best interest.

He was an owner surrender to a shelter as the owners could no longer afford his vet bills.

From the shelter vet:

“I am suspicious he has ectopic ureters causing urinary issues but wouldn’t be able to confirm without extensive testing at a referral facility. Even with that diagnosis if he does have this congenital abnormality that may or may not be able to be corrected by surgery (depending on defect) and even then surgery may still not be successful (no guarantee).

Options would be to try and find a rescue. I would consider euthanasia a reasonable option as well. ”

His name is Chester, and we need to raise ~$1,800 – $2,100 for a CT scan.

Only 16 weeks old and he desperately needs a village to surround him…..

We are already financially strapped yet that face, so young….he deserves a chance…..and hoping others may feel the same….

This condition(if that is what he has) is common in certain breeds – Newfs being one. Ectopic Ureters are more common in female dogs over males. Success in males can be 25-50%, ‘if’ this is what he has. No one knows without further diagnostics being done.

He has been a big fav of staff & volunteers at the shelter and everyone would like to know for sure before seeing a puppy euthanised if it is truly in the pup’s best interest.

What if he can be successfully rehabilitated? We have dealt with ectopic ureters before. 100% success rate yet we go into this with our eyes completely open and aware.

The Boerskins are foregoing again this year in the giving of gifts to each other so funds can be redirected to this puppy.

If anyone has even $5 to spare, we remain humbled by your show of support.

This is an extremely urgent situation and looking at an eta for his arrival on Sunday.

Any donation consideration can be sent to PayPal

OR via email transfer to

Wee Chester needs a Christmas miracle…. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.