Over 200 items!


Post from the wonderful organizers!

“Welcome to the online Fundraiser for Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation.
A HUGE thank you to all of the local businesses and individuals who donated to make this auction possible.
100% of the proceeds raised will go to the rescue.
All the donated businesses have been linked in each item, if you are interested in an item, please consider clicking on their Facebook page and Like/Follow them.
Please read through all of the auction guidelines below.
Auction Guidelines:
1) There is a starting bid on all items
2) Please bid in a minimum $1 increment (just to clarify, you can bid any amount as long as it is a minimum $1 increase, it can be $2, $3, $4, $5 etc.)
3) The auction closes Sunday, October 9th, at 8 PM.
4) The winner will be contacted via Messenger with a pickup location, there are pick-up locations in Brockville (North End), Oxford Station, and Kanata.
5) Payment is due immediately following the end of the auction once notification has been received that you are the successful bidder
6) Payment is due via eTransfer to
No password is required.
Happy Bidding, and thank you for your support!
Please see the album below to bid, thank you for your support and generosity for those currently in the rescue and those to come.”

BHRR Animals Available For Adoption

This is a blog post, updated regularly as to who is available for adoption and the ‘quick’ status of others not yet available for adoption.
NOTE: This blog post is on each of the dogs’ individual pages.
All of our available dogs can also be found on our PetFinder website.
*To read a dog’s blog, scroll to the very bottom of that dog’s individual page and read upwards, skipping over any posts such as fundraiser posts. They will answer most of your questions re: age, history etc.*

**NOTE: As of December 1st, 2016; BHRR shall no longer be responding to any inquires to adopt. We are following the lead of other r/q organizations and ONLY completed adoption applications submitted to the BHRR BOD shall be considered/responded to.**

BHRR is a federally registered NP organization and requires an application/contract to be filled out, personal references including a vet reference if applicable and a home visit to be done before being approved to adopt.

We also require that at the time of meeting any BHRR animal (after completing the application process up to that point) that the whole family + any other currently owned animals are present for the mandatory home-visit.

BHRR only places per best/right matched personality fit.

We also require that within four months of having adopted your new addition that at least one full round/session of group classes of obedience (they can range from 6-18 weeks) must be started and upon completion; proof (registration + completion) must be submitted to BHRR’s attention at BHRR and with having your signature on the adoption application/contract; you will be in a legal breach of your contract should this not be done. The animal involved will have to be returned promptly & safely to BHRR at your own expense.


BHRR’s Athos(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE March 13th, 2021 – *Great Dane

BHRR’s Romeo(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE October 28th, 2021 – *Mix (BostonX, maybe HoundX or BoxerX)

BHRR’s Rosie(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE March 4th, 2022  -*Redbone Black & Tan Hound

BHRR’s Agatha(Aggie)(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE July 17th, 2022 – *Great Dane

BHRR’s Titan(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE September 5th, 2022  -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Jack(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE September 23rd, 2022 – *Australian Shepherd – Visually/Hearing Impaired


BHRR’s Beaver(Bev)(F) – AVAILABLE FOR FOSTER TO ADOPT SINCE October 1st, 2022 – *LabX

BHRR’s Albar(M) – AVAILABLE FOR FOSTER TO ADOPT SINCE October 1st, 2022 – *LabX

BHRR’s Maybelle Cutie(F) – AVAILABLE FOR FOSTER TO ADOPT SINCE October 1st, 2022 – *LabX

BHRR’s Ayla(F) – AVAILABLE FOR FOSTER TO ADOPT SINCE October 1st, 2022 – *LabX

BHRR’s Chrissy(F) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – *Australian Shepherd -Visually/Hearing Impaired


AND The Bean paparazzi photos are in!
OMG! They are as amazing as I knew they would be!
They are 8.5 weeks old in these pics. Taken Thursday, September 22nd.
They are looking for foster or foster-to-adopt homes!
Miss Bev is going to her foster home later this week. 
FOUR more beans to place in foster or foster to adopt homes.
Liz never ceases to amaze me with her talent and patience.
Thank you to Richard, Katherine, Cassy & John for being Bean Wranglers! 

AND you know you have a great toy WHEN everyone wants it! Originally, there were four Beans on the toy, yet, one became distracted, yet Carol managed to get a picture of three of them on the same toy just romping along!

Some more pics!

We have Miss Maybelle Cutie on her own, and Mr. Albar leads the charge in the other picture with Miss Bev hot on his heels and Miss Maybelle behind him. As to who is lying in the back….hmmm, not sure…we know it is either Miss Nola or Miss Ayla! 😀

*Pictures complimentary of Carol!

The Beans had their next play date today – thanks again to Katherine, Richard & Carol. 
I cannot believe we were there for over 3.5 hours!! I kept saying I did not want to overstay our welcome.
They had another amazing experience!
I was watching Miss Bev closely as she was trembling at the Vet yesterday when someone was holding her – she was only a bit worried during her vaccine, ok for nails, etc., yet trembled later when a staff member was holding her – yet, she was her normal, size everything up first before plunging right in to explore and snuggled and cuddled and was her loving self today! So, not sure why that was the case at one point yesterday yet, we are making sure all pups get safely exposed to many sights, sounds, and smells in trusted hands.
They turn eight weeks old tomorrow and have their professional photo shoot on the 22nd – weather permitting – to make special announcements!
I will be looking closely at the weather for other play visit opportunities for them too!

The Beans Update!
This is Miss Maybelle Cutie – 6 weeks of age!
*A HUGE fav of the staff today – content to be held/loved. She is quite the quiet diva princess!*
Named thanks to Kendel & her two handsome young boyz! Thank you!
All of The Beans were at LAH today for their first vaccines – WOW! They will be eight weeks old on Saturday!
They have their paparazzi shoot on the 22nd and will be making some special announcements after that!
They also have another play date scheduled for tomorrow!
Thank you, Cassy, for loving on them today as they were brought in, and out by myself and some of my fantastic work colleagues! They got to hang out in the sun – they will soon be able to get out of the xpen! – have a snack, water, play, and pounce all over Cassy! 
Miss Nola – has a Grade 1/2 HM – it could be harmless, she could outgrow it, and we will monitor closely. Her hind end is strong now! YAY!
All puppies were re-weighed, thoroughly checked over, had their nails done, loved on, smooched, and they have their next de-worming plus will be old enough to begin flea/tick/hw meds. We will do that tomorrow. Having had their first vaccines today, they had a busy enough day.
Puppy 1 – 0.38 kgs – deceased as of 8:49 AM Thursday, August 4th(passed away just hours after they were surrendered to rescue)
Puppy 2 BHRR’s Nola – (Miss Fighter Bean)
August 4th – 0.38 kgs as well
August 8th – 0.62 kgs (1 lb, 6 oz)
August 11th – 0.82 kgs (1 lb, 12.8 oz)
September 15th – 4.9 kg (10.78 pounds)
Puppy 3 BHRR’s Beaver(Bev) – (Miss Explorer Bean)
August 4th – 0.48 kgs
August 8th – 0.71 kgs (1 lb, 9 oz)
September 15th – 4.7 kgs (10.34 pounds)
Puppy 4 BHRR’s Albar – (Mr. Warrior Bean)
August 4th – 0.46 kgs
August 8th – 0.79 kgs (1 lb, 12 oz)
September 15th – 5.2 kgs (11.44 pounds)
Puppy 5 BHRR’s Maybelle Cutie – (Miss Diva Princess Bean)
August 4th – 0.56 kgs
August 8th – 0.99 kgs (2 lbs, 3 oz)
September 15th – 5.3 kgs (11.66 pounds)
Puppy 6 BHRR’s Ayla (Miss Busy Mobile Bean)
August 4th – 0.64 kgs
August 8th – 0.79 kgs (1 lb, 12 oz)
August 11th – 1.03 kg (2 lbs, 3.6 oz)
September 15th – 4.7 kgs – same as BHRR’s Bev (10.34 pounds)
*We know that she was ‘chill’ due to still battling aspiration pneumonia yet is now a busy bean!
All puppies other than Miss Bev, prominently resemble Labs. Miss Bev is now losing more of her browns/brindles and is developing a stunning wavy black coat down her spine/sides. Lab yup, yet what else?! It does not matter at the end of the day!
These are the items that we are still in need of:
What we still urgently need:
1) Essentials XL puppy pee pads – we are now working on going outside, yet, we still need more as they become housebroken. At six weeks of age, they are doing amazing!
2) Large breed puppy toys, please, not small or toy. They will be too small – desperate for!
3) Downy or Gain liquid fabric softener
4) a 14 kg bag of PVD Large Breed Essential Care kibble
5) Five Wiggle Bumz collars – quick release buckle 14-16″ – for when they can wear collars, width 1.0″
6) 2 x Dirty PawPrint Dog Runners – so much easier to wash/keep clean and is soft, durable, and very comfy!
Financial donations can be made via PayPal or via email transfer at
Donations can be dropped off in Kanata at a mutually convenient date/time OR snail mailed to or dropped in our donation shed:
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0



1. Saturday, October 22nd, Pet Valu Brockville – Bake Sale, Raffle, Items for Sale – Possibly The Beans will be there too! 10 AM – 2 PM

2. Our 3rd Annual ‘Driveway Nail Trims/Ear Cleanings’ – we are also doing Anal Glands – COMING TO A DRIVE-WAY NEAR YOU SOON!
*If you would like to host us in 2023 – please do EMAIL us!
*we just need your driveway!
*we will have some merchandise for sale, collecting Empties plus Canadian Tire $
*self-distancing is easy to do
*we take cash, debit, cash

3. ONGOING – On February 21st, 2013, I received a most delightful and touching email from a woman named Allie MacAlister that is so very active in helping others

She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.  

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

10% of sales of her products will come to BHRR!

*You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, totes, greeting cards and SO much more! She will be adding products regularly.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

As promised for every lifesaving monetary or item donation, a puppy spam pic would be posted in gratitude!
Can be done via PayPal or email transfer to OR item donation:
1) XL Essential pee pads,
2) Esbilac powdered formula 28 oz.,
3) Gain or Downy liquid fabric softener
4) PVD Essential Care canned puppy food) – dropped off in our donation shed at the road or snail-mailed
2425 Totem Ranch Road West, Oxford Station
Sooooo, as Megan posted that they will donate their Empties monies – every bit helps!! – from a get-together they are having next weekend, that means…..picture time! Thank you!
These wee Labx beans found nursing on their mom, laying dead under a tractor, two with punctures, are now safe with us. If they could, they would also thank everyone for this lifesaving assistance. 
This is Mr. Bean with Miss Explorer Bean, having a snooze on the sun deck. 
They are now 14 days old, and we have peepers!
Their eyes plus ears began to open yesterday, and though the two weakest ones are not as open as the others, they are there! 
AND I still have five pups….the wee boy and one wee girl are fighting hard, and I am fighting hard with them….24/7 care.

When your milk bar, guests just have to be different when drinking!
Good early AM. 5:00 AM feed & clean done, and I am wobbling my way to the nearest soft surface to crash for 2 hours.
They are really good babies, and the healthier they become, the more their individual personalities shine through…..
For every donation that comes in – monetary or an item, we will drop some puppy spam of thanks as appreciation! 
Sincerest thank yous to all of the baby beans rescue angels that have surrounded them to date with such kindness! 
Raising a litter takes an army……BHRR’s is small yet oh, so mighty. 


Just some puppy spam as who does not love puppy spam?!! 
My heart is so full and bursting with incredible love.
I am doing everything I can to get them strong plus healthy and then letting them go….I am committed to them and promised all of them that I will do right by them.
I have spent over $1,000 in the past 24 hours on their well-being, and they are worth every dime plus more….
By rescues working together, there is so much that we can do to help those in need…it is not about ego or pride, it is about the dogs!! 


It has been a whirlwind here….
I am deeply sorry for the lack of updates today. I was up almost 26 hours straight working on saving these puppies. Sadly, we did lose the pink collar girl at 8:49 am today. I am calling her Miss Charm Bean.
Her prognosis was so poor. The emerge vet supported trying. She received sub Q fluids, and all pups are now on Clavamox for aspiration issues.
This wee bean received so much love from Cassy & then myself.
I snuggled her close, told her how much she was loved that I was very sorry that we could not save her – wish we got her sooner – and told her it was ok to go to sleep and see her mama….
It hurts my heart that my horrible cross to bear is seeing these precious creatures die; we tried so hard. Backyard breeders just move on….while our hearts bleed.
Too young….
We had been told they were a week old, yet they will be 12 days old tonight. Born July 23rd.
So much to update on, yet feeding – which they had no suckle reflex, has been a real challenge and as of 10:30 am I finally got them to nurse off a nursing bowl. We have had several good feeds since then. My day has been a total blur.
There is a girl as small as Miss Pretty Pink that is struggling, plus the one boy too. We were told last night by the person that had them that there were at least two ‘almost dead’.
The litter was 5 girls and 1 boy.
Thank you again to Katherine for the donations of pee pads plus formula, and thank you to Cassy for picking up formula plus bottle kits and pee pads. Thank you and to John for picking up the de-wormer plus Penaten – the pups were so hungry before we got them that they were sucking on each other – stomach, vulva & the boy’s penis. The two biggest girls, .56 kg & .64 kg vulva’s are the worse.
Two puppies have granulating punctures. That had to be so painful.
They were never brought to the vet, and we are now de-worming them. The diarrhea alone has been dehydrating them.
I want to thank Kingston Emerge – Dr. Singh for seeing the babies and being so wonderful.
Also, instead of paying almost $600 for the exams, he charged for just one puppy exam, and the total bill was just under $450.
They were amazing, kind, caring, and lovely…. 
Thank you to Mickayla for seeing my email to Dr. Liston re: needing strongid – the emerge hospital did not have any – and filling it so fast.
I am exhausted….I am sad….I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such a strong BHRR network that rallied fast to ensure we had what we immediately needed for these babies. THANK you puppy angels!
Per a previous post, we reached out to a couple of groups to see if they could help with this litter. The sick ones will stay with me, and the healthy ones – three right now will go to another group shortly.
A lot can change on a dime….so please keep them in your thoughts.
We will post our additional puppy needs ASAP.
It is time to feed again, do another load of puppy laundry, and maybe I can snag a bit to eat.


We have finally had a reply(we have been trying to get a response as to when we can pick up the puppies), and it appears that two puppies are now ‘almost dead.’ They will head right to emerge once we get them  – in Kingston – the whole litter will be checked out.

*Picture is courtesy of the home that currently has them.*

Dad is believed to be 50% Lab, 25% shep, 25% rottie. We really have no idea. We will see as they age if there is any better indication of Dad. Mom is a purebred unregistered lab. So pups are predominantly lab 75%, 12.5% shep, 12.5% rottie. Apparently, she has had several litters from this sire. The farmer never had her spayed.
We are waiting to hear from the person who has them.

*Picture courtesy of the individual that currently has them*

Pics of babies and that is not their mama that passed away – that is a pug – belonging to the person who now has the pups.


We have been contacted regarding 6 Labx that are now 7 days old.
Their mom, Labrador Retriever was found deceased three days ago under a tractor with the puppies still nursing. 
The Mama belonged to a neighbour of the person who reached out to us.
Another individual has them now, has to head out of province, and is finding this overwhelming. We well appreciate and understand the amount of work that goes in hand raising puppies.
The person who has them is planning on having them euthanised – one also is apparently not thriving as well as the others – by the weekend should a spot(s) not be found.
This is urgent…….