amazing beautiful dogs

I came across this site in search of adopting a giant breed. You seem to really care about the placement of these dogs and that’s refreshing. I fell in love with Skye, her story broke my heart. I will be working towards a fenced it yard for possibly adopting that beautiful girl.

Thank you for the good work you do!!!

A big heartfelt thank you to all the kind folks at Birch Haven!!!  These beautiful canines & horses that have found their way to you are very lucky and blessed.  🙂  Thank you for all that you do!!!

In Love!

Your dogs are BEUTIFUL!  Dune caught my eye on Petfinder, which I periodically surf. I have a 15 year old Cattle Dog/Ridgeback mix rescue and a 7 year old Ridgeback rescue. My Ridgeback came from Texas and reminds me SO much of Dune, scars and all! He is 108 lbs and I’ve always questioned if he had Dane in him, tho his paperwork says purebred. He is the biggest love ever and likes nothing better than to snuggle with anyone who sits down.

I had no thoughts of adopting but I can’t get Dune out of my mind.   Something is telling me I need to investigate further.  Oh, did I mention I live on a 5 acre farmhouse surrounded by woods in the country in NH?   My son and his family just moved to NC after living close by. Frequently I had his Beagle rescue and 120 lb Plott hound mix rescue here as they travelled a great deal. My 2 and his 2 played and napped together all the time.

As I mentioned, this was not on my radar but I felt compelled to comment here…….???????

Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years (so far!)

Have been visiting your site and enjoying the information, as well as the pics.   My Boston Terrier, Maxie Mae, will be 13 y/o (human) in February, 2016.  She has been such a wonderful buddy since getting her at 8-wks old.  Now with health deteriorating, she sleeps more and more.  Her vet, Dr. Cook at Duckworth Animal Hospital, monitors her health with recent medications for Maxie’s eyes.  A special friend is very important.  Having had Rottweilers and Dobermans before Maxie, have been looking at rescues for Great Danes or Neo Mastiffs.  Interested in Salem and Skye, and read their “bio”.

God bless and may you have wonderful holidays!



Need more people like your family

So nice to have dine and (wined)(  music from your 4 legged kids )

Thanks for a great meal and loads of fun .

See you next year !!!


BHRR’s – Aug. 16. 2004. – Mr. Arthur Zane – Oct. 28. 2014. – R.I.P.

Love to — BHRR/Kanata A.H. —

Gwen, Sean, Mason, Kinsley & Staff’s,

*Thank-You –ALL– !!!

For the *Special Gift we received on *Good Friday-2006.

Zane was attached to “Sean” that Easter w/e when we spent
the afternoon @ BHRR. & After “Arthur-The-5-th.” came to His new home in Toronto…Zane attached Himself to my Dad & became his shadow until yesterday morning.

**Thank-You “Sean/Gwen” for Your trust in us,
& Kanata A.H. for Your care of Mr. Arthur Zane too.

As “Gwen” would agree…”Zane” will always be remembered
as a –Delightful/Handful– in Our/Hearts…

****Thanks So -Ever- So Much “GWEN/BHRR” !!!

Love-Zane’s/Brother-XO-Black-Jack Joker/Heath,


& The-Rodgers’ -XO- Family.

Angel Noelle

It was such an honour to meet Angel Noelle. I had to go outside and cry privately my tears of joy. She is an amazing spirit and a true testament to what BHRR does best. There must be some magic at the Boer’s house.
Dawn S


!!! CONGRATS !!!





Keep On Charming The Top of The MORN !!

*Gwen & Sean/Family !!!

–> LOVE – BHRR’s/ZANE etc…

cynthia graham

I am not sure about this section
I have been on your site many times so I thought I should
sign in the guest book
Gwen .. I had spoken to yu on the phone about
Aslan (I am not ready emotionally yet)
so… I am just signing guest book

*HAPPY*HOLIDAYS*&*2014* !!!!

*Gwen/Sean & Family !
….2014 and ALWAYS….
LOVE – BHRR’s Zane & Family.

Can in

Cancan is a doll. We just lost our babies last Saturday and I needed a 'Saint' fix! BTW. Our boys were a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Saint Bernard.

Thank you for Cancun's video .. My boy ran like that!


wonderful looking dogs — very well cared for

******HAPPY*EASTER******BHRR !!!!!!!











We notice that there is a group of 20+ perfect/*available canines, not to mention the *Special Haven's like Porridge & *Potter.

While looking at photos of *Cosette & Jersey…It was like looking into a mirror. Oh what a -Wonderful Task- is continually being exercised @ BHRR.

-> What life long -gift- could be granted to a Forever/Home.

Words cannot express the Thank-You needed to be given to
*Mrs. "Gwen" Boers & *Mr. "Sean" Boers….

-> Please help them in some way with their *Daily Crusade….

Afterall…You see, I can speak from -Experience- on how they prepared me for my SUCCESS seven years ago!!!!

*****ALL THE –BEST/BHRR– IN 2013*****

From the Bottom of my HEART…Thank-You,
*BHRR's/ZANE & My Bro/BJ !!!


soooooooooo many pending adoption and adoptions it make me so happy to hear this. thank you for all you do for those fur baby’s, glad to hear everyone is doing so well.


I just wanted to take a moment to share my enthusiasm for all the work that you are doing. I met a couple who allowed me to swoon all over their Great Dane. To make a long story short, they told me she had come from Birch Haven (I believe her name was Ava). Since then, I have visited your site often. We currently have a 13 year old border collie (with something mixed in) who is the centre of the universe. I have, so often, thought of adopting a Great Dane, but am terrified of the impact it would have on our guy. Then, I thought of fostering to “try it out”. I can’t help but think I’m still being selfish…. Our fabulous vet has Great Danes & I think I’ll chat with him a bit next time we “visit”, particularly given the predisposed health problems Great Danes have. All this to say, please carry on with your awesome work !!

Thank you

What a wonderful organization. Clearly built from love. I have a dane/pointer cross rescue that had been bounced from home to home for a year before he picked me. A choc lab Senior that loves our rescue immensely. If it were up to me I would set up a rescue in my neck of the woods for large dogs. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do.



I Love Your Update List

Besides the fact that I love your rescue and the enormous amount of experience and knowledge behind all your actions, I love the list you have been using for quite a while now that shows the current “adoption” status of all of your adoption possibilities. That is a great idea. Just another one of the many you have. My best wishes, as always. xxoo to all the dogs, too. Merrilee

Danes ’till I die

Hi, I'm new to your site but have 3 of my own Danes-2 rescues 1 special needs I will mosey along your info untill I find what I want which is coats! Just wanted to say hi- will come to the next walk. Mary


I was at the Ottawa Bytown Farmer's Market recently (Sep 29, 2012)and literally followed a young man and his black & white Great Dane. When I spoke with him he told me he had got his dog from Birch Haven. He got her when she was 3 years old, requiring knee surgery. She's 5 now, and just lovely to engage with. I wanted to share this with you and add my support to the good work you are doing. I'm also going to look at a possible foster/adoption

Journey’s progress!!!!

Hi…I just wanted to write to say that the world needs more people like you to care for our four legged friends like Journey. They are so innocent and all they want is to be loved. I have been following her story since she was found…and those cookies, if my dog Cooper could speak he would say they are awesome.

I’m sure when the time comes to find a good home for Journey, there will be people lining up to give her their love.

Good luck with the rest of her recovery 🙂

Thanks so much

Hi Guys, I was just looking at your website and all the wonderful work you guys do. We, that's my Wife, Oakley our Great Dane/ Akbash mix, 1.7 years old, and me just want to say thanks. You guys are miracle workers. You speak for those that cannot talk. Some of the photos and info you have on the neglected animals are truly heartbreaking, and evoke a mix of emotions from me, anger, hate, sadness, pain, etc. I really cannot understand how anyone could treat a animal like that. Our big ole lug sleeps on the bed with us, goes everywhere with us, loves us, hugs us, plays with us, and pretty much everything else with us. We have always loved our dogs like this. Our last guy went to the rainbow bridge Nov 30th 2010, and we think of him every single day. We have his cremains on our mantle which we walk past everyday. But, that's life, and unfortunately our best friends don't live like us. We quickly rescued our Big Lug Oakers from a couple who only had him for a few months as a puppy, which they could not provide the care for him he needed due to another animal in the house. He very quickly became a BIG part of our family, and has turned out to be a AMAZING dog, both in and out of the house. We just want to say thanks so much for providing your time, money and love for these animals. Your miracle workers, even if you cannot see it.

P.S we are located in Renfrew County, just a hop skip and a jump away. You might even come across one of his brothers or sisters, as he was originality from Lanark area. Maybe we could stop in sometime to take a look around and talk a little more about your operation. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!


So…..Sorry it has been a while, but I rarely can fight the family for the computer these days !! LOL

But I can see that the *Special Angels /Gwen & Sean are hard at work as usual.

Wonderful group of Dogs on your site, and Riley & Hailey look like a certain BJJ/H here at home in the Big Smoke !!

I am sort of Partial to that Irish/*Goliath-(BEAUTIFUL)-!!

-> Always LOVE –ALL– Your BHRR/Names as Well !!!

Last time we visited Animal Services we saw Our mutual/friend Chelsea, back hard at work , & what a Precious Daughter she has…..

***Listen Folks -Who have Wanted- a Great Dane -ALL- your LIFE ??

That was me back in 2006…..But Sean & Gwen made my Dreams become a REALITY with my Prize Possesion which my wife calls my SHADOW !!!

I really don’t know what I would do without Him or our other Rescue ??

I am completely pre-occupied with our Danes daily and hate being apart when I am on the night shift.

I’m told the rest of the family hold the fort -well- I’m at work, but -they- are chop liver once I return home to my rescues !! -> Particularly my BHRR/Harle LOL

So…..There is No Time Like the Present !!!

Don’t Delay any Longer ??? Allow Gwen & Sean to change your LIFE for the BETTER !!!

Adopt Immediately , or *HELP out with a Donation, because
–ALL– their Rescues are WORTH It !!!

–> You Will NOT –Regret– It !!!

Once again from Our Family to the *BHRR-Family….

Nothing but *BEST*WISHES* for -2012- & “Always“ !!!!

I will try to send Gwen , Sean & Children some pics` if I can get on the computer again in the future !! LOL

Give -Everyone- a Huge *KISS -( Dogs -Too- !!)- along with



Take Care,


Love – Mr. Arthur(V)Zane. & B-J Joker Heath.

— plus — Rodgers Family.

*P.S. – !!!! Don`t Forget to ADOPT a -BHRR- Dog Today !!!!


Debbie Miller

thank you for helping all these canines.
‘the more people i meet, the more i love my dog!’
wishing u the best for 2012! hoping i can help in some way


Hi I am just writing here becasue i stumbled across your page while looking for a dog for myself. after reading on almost every dog that you have posted and balling my eyes out becasue of the pain and suffering that they have been through i have decided to wait and adopt a dog from somewhere.Everyone seems to be looking for a puppy and i was one of them. Not any more. The work that you all do it amazing and im sure that it brings you so much joy to help these animals out. I have always wanted to get a great dane since i was younger. you are all certainly angels with all the work that you do.
take care


I found Birch Haven link on a friend’s Facebook page and have been going through some of BHRR’s blogs. I’ve cried with you reading BHRR Bean’s story and final breaths and viewed those that have been fortunate to end up in your care after who knows how long a time of pain and suffering from abuse and getting a new lease on life. I have no idea how you do what you do without killing someone in the process!

This year I supported a local rescue through the United Way, next year I will be contacting you for a few details so that I can support the work you do. I know what I offer isn’t much but if more people reached out, it would make your work a little more easy financially.

Keep up the amazing work. The world needs more of you!

Love your name

saw you site on – well fb really, so accessed the site to tell you I LOVE your was my Mother’s family name…a large group of Birches are my Cousins

Keep up the good work

Hi I’m a St bernard lover who currently has 3 saints and a saint bernard/ newf cross which was rescued…I wish everyone would do more good for these large takes a certain kind of person to do what you are doing..keep up the good work
a true st bernard lover as well

Just saw you now on facebook

Will find out more about you, and would love to help in future, especially on the equine side. Keep me posted on what is happening! I am on facebook, but you have my email address. Love what you are doing!

Jennifer Jones

Two Wonderful Days Beside this Terrific Family

Hi Birch Haven Family

Warren and I (from Pet-errific) are amazed at such a caring family. We spent 2 glorious days beside your rescue booth this past weekend. Pet-errific has now found a cause to make our own as we build our business.

You are such a warm and caring family. It’s wonderful to see that the large breed doggies of any type have a haven but more important a warm & caring family to love them once again.

You are all amazing and we wish you all the best.
Lana & Warren
Pet-errific Services & Gifts


hi gwen i want to thank you again for all you have done for potter and AVA with out you they would not be with us. potter would have died alone and in pain now he is a happy healthy and very much love member of a forever home.AVA would have spent the most of her life in pain and most likely end up put to sleep. the out come for both of thees kids would have be death but for you , i wish there was more i could do to help please know you are all in my prayers every night . theresa


Gwen, Holden is sooooooo cute i know he will do well with you and i wish him good luck,please give potter and ave a hug from me. Theresa

****AVA*MARIEEEEE………AHhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So……….Happy *GWEN & SEAN* Found That Forever Home

for This BEAUTIFUL Dane CREATURE !!!!!

I/We are Partial to *Harlequins’….?? Right ?? *Zane ??


To The -> *Forever/Home* ………

***You LUCKY/People, You Are Going To Have Some Fun !!!

—> *HARLEQUIN/STYLE !!!!!!!!!!!!

***GOOD LUCK……& Give That *SWEETHEART* A –KISS– !!!



The – *Rodgers’/Zane & Black-Jack !!! Toronto, Ontario.

Virginia; Muskoka, ON

What a wonderful service you provide our giant friends! I am very impressed with the details of and restrictions applied to people who want to adopt/rescue a giant breed. I have had six Irish Wolfhounds and have loved all of them. I've also had to cuddle them as they were peacefully put down due to cancer etc.

In the near future, I am considering acquiring another Wolfie and came across your site. I know how important it is to be very strict with potential families.

We have a wonderful little farm in Muskoka with just under one acre high wooden fenced area for our dogs. They love to play catch etc. and get lots of exercise.

Again, thank you for what you do. There should be more people out there like you.


All that you do!!!!

I have 2 beautiful St Bernards, seeing all that you do touched me deeply!!! I am considering a 3 Saint or a bull Mastiff I will certainly keep Birch Haven in mind I am waiting till spring
Thanks for all you do

Bean – Robyn, East Coast Canada


I didn't realize until tonight that you had had to put Bean to sleep. I just watched his slideshow that you have made for him and I now write this with tears running down my face. It's so hard to ever have to put a pet to sleep, let alone a young dog like Bean who was put at such a disadvantage by a careless, thoughtless 'breeder'. How truly awful that there are people like that in the world. I sit here now listening the the gentle snores coming from my two sleeping danes who come from reputable breeders and I think how lucky they are. It's not luck though I know, but carefully thought out breeding programs and people who want to 'better' the breed.
I feel such heartache for Bean, for his brother Frank, and for you. God bless you and BHRR Gwen for all you do and for letting Bean have a wonderful home.

Bean – Bless his heart

I watched your presentation on Bean’s last moments and cried the whole time. It was a beautiful tribute to a puppy that because of negligent breeders had to go away far too soon.

Stay strong and keep up the wonderful work that you do.

Pam S.

**** HAPPY **** NEW **** YEAR **** !!!!!



FRIENDS’ / GIANTS’ @ ** BHRR ** !!!! —->

THE VERY ” BEST ” THAT –2010– CAN OFFER !!!!!!


Miss Abbi

Thank you all for your kind words of support for Ab – she’s just doing fantastic! What a girl she is 🙂
Thanks again and wishing everyone a happy holiday season





































Well it is With GREAT JOY !!!…..That We Celebrate The New

Forever Homes’ of ABBI & MAZDA !!!! WELL DONE–> SEAN

& GWEN !!!! –> TRUE **PERSERVERENCE** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Also with Greatr Sadness Too !!! I Can’t Count How

Many Times’ I was Going to Contact Gwen….and Offer to

Adopt The Beutiful-Mazda….Who I Have Loved Right from Day

One- When BHRR saved Her….She was the Queen Fit for the

King—-> ****DRAGON****-R.I.P.- Not to Mention the

Little-Sisters’-Three- ?? Everyone chose their FAV…….

Mine was always ABBI….My Daughters’ was Mudslide …Among

Others’……ABBI had that Face that Just Talked to Me

From her Web-Site….Oh how I Hope the ForEver Homes’

Know How Lucky They Are ….That Gwen/Sean Has Blessed

Them !!! –> I Know Because -BHRR- Trusted -US- in 2006.

Although I Will Always’ -Wish that We Had These Two Giant

Queens’ to Compliment Our Two Male KINGS’ !!!!

DAM !!! I Wish We Had A BIGGER —> HOUSE ?????

Once Again—>**BRAVO**—> GWEN & SEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-ALL- GOOD THINGS’-COME- To Those ANGEL’s That -WAIT !!!!!

Another -TWO- Success Story’s From —> ****BHRR**** !!!!!!

And All the Best to the Lucky Adopter’s ….God Bless Your

—> NEW ADDITION’s and Good Luck !!!! HMMMM…..Maybe

YOU’LL NEED A BAY/SITTER-Sometime- ??? LOL :O) !!!!

THE RODGERS’ / (BHRR)’s -ZANE- and (GDRI)’s -Black-Jack-

Margaret Gladstone PEI

Great site, Gwen. I just wish we were a bit closer so we could offer hands-on help!


Enjoyed the visit. I am a lover of large breeds especially Newfs. (Have had 2 in the past). Was looking for a possible companion for our Lab/chow mix breed.

Will check in from time to time!

New to this site…experiencing a great deal of emotion….

I am a Dane lover. I want to live with a Dane again.
I am so very pleased to know that this organisation exists, the opportunity for you and your supportive team to make such a difference in the lives of one of God’s truly greatest creations.
Bless you, and I look forward to visiting you someday. I live in Ottawa.

Lil’ Linus

So happy to hear about Linus finally having found his forever home. What a wonderful addition to that home! A special dog for sure!
Barry and Trice


Wishing you all the best in your new home!!!

Barry and Trice

Congratulations Abbi

So happy that Abbi has found her forever home and that she can continue to grow and develop! What an awesome girl she is!!


Wahoo…so proud of you girl…..keep it up!!

Barry and Trice

Abbi playdate

Please feel free to send her to NS for a playdate:) My landlords would love her!! And all these new places to explore!!
I’m sure Trice wouldn’t mind sharing his stuff..
Please give them all an extra hug today from us..

Barry and Trice….

re: deaf dogs Barry, Ottawa

Gwen, I just want to thank you for your post on deaf dogs. I worked with deaf youth back in Newfoundland for a number of years. It was amazing to be a hearing person functioning in the deaf community – and to hear the thoughts of those around(who would think I was deaf). Most of the deaf community do not agree that they have a disability instead believe they have a different culture. These people can do anything a hearing person can do except hear – the same for deaf dogs!



Remembering back to Mar.2006 when exploring the world of Great Danes’.

There was this particular Magnificent…almost Regal-faced KING staring back @ me from his web-site.
If I wasn’t 100% sure before…I was 200% sure, when I couldn’t stop…But admire this Stellar Creature!!

I often picture this Dane whenever my conversation takes’ me to the praises’ of his home…Whenever my own Rescue is taking on a curious audience…We can’t help to mention this vivid picture in my mind…of this Giant Breed standing @ attention in the Winter Snow…just waiting to maybe harness a Sleigh like A Shiny-Horse!!
Or Towering with Sean on the living-room floor…Or Loving Eyes’- Face to Face with Gwen…etc.

Of coarse this Gentle Giant is none other than…*******DRAGON*******and he has gone to his Resting-Place….Where his Brother & Sister + New Friend are Saving his Seat/Throne & ***Brindle-Wings’*** fit for a ******KING******!!!!!!

I will miss seeing his face…look back at me from his home in Kemptville.
But a Great Dane of his Stature will always’ Cast a Huge Shadow/Presence for years’ to come……..

> God Bless-You*****DRAGON***** < and Please watch over his Family he left behind @ (BHRR)-Gwen/Sean/Mason/Kinsley and All his Friends'.oxOXoxOX. Love-The Rodgers'/(BHRR)'s -Mr. Arthur Zane/ & Black-Jack.oxOXoxOX.


We know God is pleased to have two of his Newest Angels’ @ Rainbow Bridge……

KB/JB and Maggie are looking down on the Heaven on earth called BIRCH HAVEN****

They are singing the praises’ of Gwen & Sean from the highest Silver Clouds’… with their new Golden Wings’… and all the World should hear….and send Assistance to their Four Legged Giant friends’ @ (BHRR)!!!!!

Zane sends’ his love to Rainbow Bridge and asks KB/JB & Maggie to give their Newest friend (RuRu Northern Dancer) an extra Special Kiss for him….Thank-you.


& GOD LOVE *(BHRR)* Gwen & Sean + Family oxOXox.

The Rodgers’ Family-Toronto-oxOXox.

Ms. Judith Connell, P.O. Box 100, 14 Greenbank Ave., Greenbank, ON L0C 1B0

July 18/09

I have followed Li’l Linus’ progress so much and I must admit to having a virtual love affair with him. I have a physical challenge as well and feel a real affinity with him and his use of ‘doggie humour’ to fit in. My husband and I knew two fawn Great Danes 35 years ago. We visited their owners but really enjoyed them so much. They were Marcus, a real great big boy with a huge dark muzzle and I must say a little ‘stunned’. That was likely because his foil, the exotic and flirtatous, Tora (yes, named after the movie). She just LOVED men in beards and would sit coquettishly on the floor in front of Marcus perched on the settee, and slowly spread her hind legs and bat her beautiful brown eyes at whatever man she took a fancy to.
What a girl! They were both wonderful and we never got over our love of Danes.

The greatest memory of them was, oddly enough, when I was deathly ill with the flu. First the Danes came onto the bed (a pull-out couch) and then the house cat and then, astonishingly, George the outdoor cat joined them. Normally, there would be fir flying. These four never crossed paths without an incident but this time they stayed with I vomited repeatedly (a very unusual thing for me as I have a cast-iron stomach) and I only knew I was getting better as one by one they each left in reverse order to when they came. It was two days of ‘hell’ except for the incredible love and companionship of those four animals. Those Danes sure knew how to mold themselves to a person’s aching body!

As we only have a fence on two sides of our property, I know we cannot be considered to be the forever family for Linus but he will always be in our thoughts.

Thank you for all the work you and your husband do to make life so much better for so many animals. My dad was a country vet turned poultry pathologist at the OVC in Guelph. He often brought animals home to die after they had been used (abused) in experiments. I truly learned compassion for these tired and desperate animals. Dad was a farm boy from Alliston and valued every animal he met and could not be trusted to be the ‘on-call’ vet for Nassagawaya Twp. because he brought home (that’s what early rescuing was called) every animal from where he visited for animal abuse calls – that included one Welsh pony (Sam) and a wall-eyed black and white pinto pony named (you guessed it), Li’l One! They were in drastic shape but Dad nursed them well and they became a ‘deadly’ duo, breaking out of every enclosure where they were confined and my parents would receive phone calls noting the location of the infamous kids and would my parents come and get them. They especially liked blending in with herds of Holstein cows. If it wasn’t such hard work rounding them up it would have been a hoot. It certainly seems so 45 years later!

It was also something to read about Potter. What a great job you do. I will certainly remain a loyal follower of your site. God bless you all.

Stephanie, Peterborough Ontario

Thank you for being such an amazing rescue with such extraordinary people! It’s a good there are people like you to take in the less fortunate dogs.

Sometime in the future (I’m currently in highschool) I hope to be involved in rescue, particularly with Great Danes and other giant breeds. Your site is very informative and inspiring, thank you again!

I see on Tain’s show page that the Peterborough show is ‘tentative’, I hope that works out as I’d love to watch Tain strut his stuff! I’ve never been to a show before, but my family plans on attending that one.

Congrats on all you’ve done, and best wishes for the future! 🙂

Gwennie THANKS!!!

Oh Gwennie…. your writeup of Parker boy almost brought me to tears! I am beyond happy that he is doing so well with you – I knew he would blossom there. I loved him so much here… he was my little velcro dog. He is so trusting and loving, it’s hard to think that anyone would want to hurt him in anyway. I can’t express my thank yous enough.

Mrs. Liz Casey

I saw an ad about donating to your Haven and I thought that I would come and take a look. Beautiful babies you have. I have been rescuing Rottys for 10 years and had a Tibetan Mastiff-so I am very interested in Large Breed puppies(I call them all puppies regardless of age). Very nice site. I live in Pembroke Ontario. I have heard of Oxford Station but I can not remember where it is. Good Luck to you.

Mr. Parker

Hey Gwen,
Just saw your posted pics of Mr. Parker, and had a good cry. I will never understand how people can be so cruel. I sent a donation for food for this gorgeous guy, so that you can start fattening him up straight away.

I check your website all the time, and am counting down the days until my wedding, so we can sumbit our application!

Thanks for all your amazing work.

Maxine, James, and Reuben (the dog!)

My Prayer Tonight-Glenda

Tonight and forever more my prayer will be that one day Rescues such as yours will no longer be necessary.

The stories and poems you have shared have made me both laugh out loud and sob in despair.

Simply put.. I know you don’t do what you do for us.. you do it for them. I just want to offer my most sincere thank you!



Your blog about Mazda makes me very sad. To think of such a loving creature having such a difficult time finding a forever home, breaks my heart. My daughter has been asking me for a dog for many years, but I wanted to be sure we could give it the proper love, attention and time he/she deserved before I told her yes. That time has arrived and we’re looking to adopt a large breed. The more I read about Mazda, the more I thought my daughter and I could provide her with the home that she needs, but then I read your requirements and, unfortunately, we would not be accepted. Although I am originally from Ontario, I now live in Cheektowaga, NY …my daughter is 9, and although I’m 35, I’m a graduate student. It seems we violoate MANY of your requirements 🙁 When I was young,my Mom bred Irish Wolfhounds and among them was a female, brindle Dane named Talon. She was the runt of her litter and beside all of the Wolfhounds she really looked quite small. Her size had nothing on her character though, she was precious. I wish Mazda all the best and hope for her forever home to present itself soon. I often miss living in Canada, and Mazda’s story has definitely made me wish I was living there still. Maybe then we could be her forever home. I will continue to read your blog about her, with fingers crossed.
Best of Luck,
Stephanie Newman

Sincerest Thanks’ & Greatest Gratitude…Always’!!!

Happy St. Pat’s & Happy Easter…Just wanted everyone to know how BHRR-Gwen and Sean blessed our lives’!!!Almost three years’ ago,they trusted us, as a forever home,…Good Friday 2006…A delightful handfull named Mr. Arthur Zane from Zanesville,Ohio came into our lives’ with open arms.He is so special to us…since he was born(Aug.16th.2004) on top of my Fathers’ death(Aug.19th.2004.), who happened to be the 2nd. Arthur in my family…Zane is the 5th.We wanted Zane, true enough,and wanted more BHRR Giants’ before that visit was over…beautiful Boba Phett particularly…Now @ Rainbow Bridge.It is true what they say…Great Danes’ are for life!!I can’t see myself ever without one??I would like All Great Dane Lovers’…To celebrate the Huge Success @ BHRR…Zane is living Proof!!!Before we forget…WAY TO GO…DYCE!!! & BRONSON!!!CHAMPIONS’!!!HARLEQUINS’ & BLUES’…ZANES’partial to them. On a sad note…Please give KB/JB a BIG KISSxoXOxoHUGS’….We are thinking of SEAN TOO… There is no reason to wait???Dog Lovers’ out There???Please help a BHRR Dane find their New home…or help BHRR with their Loving Care…You won’t regret it!!!God will love you…Just like he LOVES’ BHRR…….My Regards’ & Best Wishes Forever…LOVExoXOxo Mr. Arthur Zane + RuRu Northern Dancer(GDRI)…& The Rodgers’ Clan Toronto,Ontario-CANADA.

Monica Donaldson Ontario

I just stumbled across your webpage.
I had a dane of my own when I was younger, she was also a rescue. When she came to us she was three years old, and had old battle wounds up and down her front legs. Right away we bonded and she knew I was her human and that she was my dog. She was black and white, with a perfect black spot right on the top of her head. She lived to the ripe age of eleven, and spent most of her days roaming around the old farm (amongst the calves she looked very similar!) and taking rides with us in the farm truck.
I could never have asked for a better more sweet and kind dog. Someday I would love to adopt a dane again, there is something about the breed that is just awesome.
I will keep your organization in mind, it looks like you are doing a wonderful job and have such beautiful dogs!

Carole & Darren from West St. Paul, MB

Hi Gwen,

We are relatively new to the wonderful world of Great Dane ownership and only discovered your exceptional website a few months ago. We were previously involved in dalmatian rescue and had, as our own, a rescued dal and a rescued beagle up until a year ago when we added our first Great Dane to the family. She’s a beautiful brindle from a show line, but since we always sterilize our dogs, she is headed for obedience trials and agility. We love all dogs, but Miika, the Great Dane, has been an unparalleled gift of friendship and delight which seems to be representative of this particular breed. But they are very big dogs – our girl is just 15 months old, over 37.5 inches at the withers, and can throw spittle across the room with the flick of the head – and many people are not aware of their requirements when they get these dogs and unfortunately the dogs suffer. Your work, Gwen, is tremendous. We read your website postings daily and feel so fortunate that Gwen Boers is who she is so that mistreated, neglected, and abused Great Danes get the love, care and healing that they deserve. God bless you and your furry four-footed angels!

NewHopeFor Danes

Gwen: you are amazing . I am so impressed and have shed a few tears.
I just rescue Danes but we always need someone like you for
the special ones…..

Thank you…Elaine

For all you do…

Bless you. You and your family are angles to these magnificent beasts! I truly hope there comes a day when you no longer need to do what you do.

May God always bless you

Hi there; thought I would write a few lines to say thanks for all that you do for these animals. I am a mother of 3 Great Danes and could not imagine my life without them. Its people like you that we need more of, no animal should have to suffer! Once again, thank you.

Linda, Ace, Destinee & Chelese…

Thoughts are with KB/JB, from Deanna, Kingston, ON

Dear Sean & Gwen,

I’m so, SO sorry to hear about KB/JB and his diagnosis of osteosarcoma. How very sad, and tragic. My warmest thoughts are with you as you spend time with KB/JB and celebrate his life & his spirit.

I wish these noble creatures lived longer, and didn’t get such horrible diseases. 🙁

You are all in my thoughts. {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}


Kim (just outside Picton ont.)

Have really enjoyed visiting your site
I own and operate a grooming shop in P.E.C. Parker’s
Barkers and have a line of all natural canine care products
I am home always as I have 9 dogs of my own (all house pets)
Have a rescued grey merle dane Amelia and two one year olds
Parker and Faith (black and fawn)
Have done much rescue work on my own with giant breeds
Newfs, Danes and wolfhounds app. 20 years worth
Would love to offer my services to foster if there is a need in this area
Feel free to contact me 613 399 1170 if I can help
Have had experience with deaf danes in the past and own a deaf rescue bullie presently
Keep up the great work
Yours truly,
Kim Parker

Angela Johnson–Mount Vernon, Iowa

I feel so blessed to have found your rescue! Our family LOVES our dogs and we are always on the look out for beautiful kiddos who can grow up with our kids. Recently, we were able to bring Lucky George home from a breeder in Nebraska. She wanted to make sure that her little guy had a wonderful place to grow and live in. Lucky is a deaf dane with possible sight issues (pupils are misshapen) and just the LOVLIEST little guy.

Jill wasn’t trying to breed white danes at all. She didn’t know that her Merle female and Harlequin male both carried the gene to make deaf whites. We are very happy that she picked us to be Lucky’s family! He’ll be 4 months on Feb 1 and just enjoys lounging in bed, on the couch, and running with the kids. He has a similar gray spot on his back haunch like Linus:)

Our family is Maggie (9 1/2 year old black dane), Hoover (9 1/2 year old black lab/retriever mix, and Lucky George (3 1/2 month deaf dane) plus our cats Magic (12 years), Reggie (7 years), and Sterling (7 years). Then our humans (LOL) are myself, Jason, and kids Sidne(14), Rian(6), Harrisen(4), and Ari(2).

We will continue to check back often to see how Linus is doing and any additional deaf danes that make their way home to your wonderful rescue!

We love Danes

My name is Katie and my husbands name is Marcus. We are both originally from the kemptville area, now residing in Oxford Station. We own a local business in Kemptville called Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse. I work there full time and my husband works for community living in Kemptville.

Marcus and I both come from families familiar with growing up with Danes. At one time my parents had four rescued danes all living with us….what a fight for the couch that was.

We are looking at adopting a dane in the new year/spring and would love if you would keep us in mind. We will continue to check your site out……we just found out about you today. As a woman who owns a dane told us about you, and you are right around the corner from us. What a small world.

We are expecting a baby in Feb. but once things settle down we would love to adopt another dog……and a Dane it will be this time. We currently have a terrier mix…..rescued from the brockville aspca. Mr. Shiggles is eager to have a new friend.

We love what you have committed to doing and would love to visit?

Katie Dickie

BHRR is great!

Hi, just wanted to let you know that your website is ADDICTIVE, and I often find myself searching for new updates on all your pups! I commend your inexhaustible spirit and positive outlook, as well as your never-ending commitment to all the little souls you save!

My fiancee and I are dying to submit an application, as our 1 year old boxer/lab needs a sibling because he is very social and adores super-sized breeds… instant best friends! However, due to the pending wedding, we are waiting to apply until fall 2009. Sigh! You will be hearing from us eventually, as we are committed dog-lovers and think your work is incredible…

In the meantime, I will just have to get my “fix” by watching all your amazing rescues become happy and healthy!

Saint John, NB Canada

Hi Gwen

I must applaud you over and over. I had a Great Dane and recently had to put him down shortly after he turned 2 years of age. It was the hardest decision I had ever made in my life and I miss him every day. He was diagnosed with Chylothorax (not sure if I spelt that correctly) but we had a deicison to make. Our vet had contacted another vet that had been practising for 20 years and he said in all is years of practising that he had never seen that diagnosis in a dog before, however our option was to take him to the PEI Vet College where they were equipped to do the surgery but they only had a 40% success rate that it would fix the problem. I would have spent any amount of money to fix him, but with that percentage I could not bare to see him suffer, as he had been suffering the last few days. I am so glad that there are people out there like yourself that care about this animals and make a difference, if I had the resources I would love to be doing the same thing. Keep up the great effort and it will not be unrecognized. Thanks

A big congrats – Karen, Quebec

Hey Gwen, I just wanted to give you a huge hoorah for all you are doing. All I have to say is man has LIL grown since I saw him as a 3 month old pup.
Keep doing the great work, and really hope to see you guys soon 🙂

Shamrock, your Reality Page

Thank you for posting Shamrocks story, and those of other dogs like him, on your reality page.

I’m the person who sent out the link to after he died.

I’m glad that there are people who care. I hope that someday soon, we as a society can do better for all of these animals.

Wishing them and us peace and light.


Wow you are amazing

I would like to thank you for sharing your family with us all. I read Frost T’s story awhile ago and was amazed by your strength and love. I love children and animals and those who are abused hurt or special touch a particular chord in my heart. I am a child and youth care worker for high risk teens and youth.I often feel i have seen it all. Violence,aggression(acting out), needless injuries and pain all cries for help but only a few hear it which always amazes me. Kids and animlas are resilant they always want to go home or find a home that loves them. You show everyday how committed you are to your animals by not only caring for them but by raising your children who are beautiful by the way with these animals. You teach your children empathy, compassion and unconditional love by following your heart. Gwen and your husband Sean are to be commended You do a beautiful thing. I have taught all my dogs our own sign language as it keeps them safe because they are always looking at me and no one else knows the signs unless through me. I fell in love with Frost T and your story I hate the final decision it’s so painful but none of my dog’s have evr crossed to the bridge but in my arms. You are an amazing woman. Theme here seems to be amazing people, kids,and animals. So what does a girl from Alberta want well i love Linus and all the dogs but Linus hits the heart strings hard. I am a single mom and i don’t have a tonne of cash so i was wondering if i could make you quilts for your dogs to lie on wrap up in pee on what evr they want. I make simple nine squares but they are always really bright and soft. I make them for kids and i would like to make some for you. What size do you think they would need. My quilts are not perfect but neither is any child or dog so they usually like them. Please let me know if this is acceptable to you Thanks for your time, I know it is precious Cathie from Calgary

The Neal family in Western NY

Hi there, we have really enjoyed discovering your website and commend you for all that you do for large breeds. I can tell you love them all as your own!
We also love large dogs and sadly our Giggilo died suddenly two weeks ago while our daughter, Amelia, was walking him. We all miss him terribly.
Barb Neal

Tiffany Richburg – Statesville, NC, USA

Hey Gwen and Sean!! The new site looks GREAT!!! Give all of those babies a kiss from me and keep up the wonderful work you do for those precious souls in need. We love ya’ll!!!

Bary and Trice (Ottawa, ON)

Hey Gwen,

It was great meeting up again last night. Thanks again for everything you do. Btw the website looks great!

Deanna D (Iroquois Falls, soon to be KINGSTON!, Ontario)

Great big HUGE congratulations on your new website!! It’s fantastic. Well done!

Please give my best wishes to Sean & the kids.

Oh, and I hope that you’re able to recover from the snow-damage this past winter. Wasn’t that a winter-and-then-some??!! It’s incredible. It was no different up north, and in fact we got another HUMUNGOUS dump of snow a week ago, and they are calling for 15-20 cm more today (but so far, it’s just raining). You have my FULL sympathy for all the damage it did to your horse shed & fencing — my back yard is a disaster area at the moment (but fortunately, the fence is still standing)!!!

Anyway, just wanted to sign your guestbook and say WOW and CONGRATS on the excellent new website & look! Keep up the fantastic work that you do!!

(Oh, and Dodger & Miss Gracie say a BIG woofy, happy HELLO to BHRR, too!!! *g*)


Loved your site…made me miss my two, one of whom was a rescue of 11 months when we brought him home. Nothing like two young danes months romping around which is why I so enjoyed your photoalbums. I must say that your policy of obedience class within 4 months is a bit harsh. Do you really enforce it? When I got my second Dane,a pup, I was anxious to get him into obedience. In Montreal, classes are not as abundant as you think in each area and most are on weeknights making travelling distances not feasible. I waited and waited. People took summer vacation and fall sessions were full, reserved months in advance by repeat customers who knew classes shut down a couple times a year. He was about 10 months before we finally found him some classes and registered him for basic and advanced sets as he needed it (headstrong fellow that one). I had tried for more than four months before a space was open. I would say six months is more realistic. I would hate to see a dog lose a good home for the sake of a month or two.
Anyways, congrats to you for the work you do. I know, they make it easy. Horses and Danes, what a life you have! My 23 year old, who adopted an SPCA Harlequin a year ago, would be in 7th heaven working for you. We will always love Danes and will enjoy watching your work.
***In response to your question(of which you did not submit an email address by which you could be contacted directly to provide you with our BHRR position on this matter)about our 4 month obedience clause; should someone contact us and is proactive about actively searching for classes(and I am very familiar with the province of Quebec and all the best PM Training Facilities); we can sit down and discuss. The onus is not on BHRR to do the follow-up on this. However; over 20+ years of experience has taught us that if you give an inch; some people will try to take a mile and with lack of obedience being one of the top reasons why animals are surrendered to Rescues in the first place; I do not desire to see all the great building blocks and foundations built; just fade away. It is my responsibility to ensure that the animals NEVER end up in Rescue again and people are more than welcome not to apply to our program, if they are not in agreement with our adoption mandates, policies plus processes. Honestly, we could give people a year to do the obedience and the reality is that over 85%(and we do keep statistics)of our approved adoptive homes(and our screening process is very thorough) always wait until the last minute DESPITE them being clearly aware of their signed contract stipulations and for legal purposes; as depending on the locale of the adoption; there are statuatory limitations for cases to be brought to court. You can think it harsh and that is unfortunate yet those that seek to adopt from us shall know that we will hold homes to this legally binding condition with their signature. If a home requires an extension or flexibility; they need to discuss with us and the time for them to discuss this with us is not when the obedience completion records are due as has been the case in the past with some homes. Good homes will honour their contract and great homes will not need to be followed up on this mandate by a member of BHRR.***

Simone, London, Ontario

Gwen and Sean I love the new site and as someone before said it’s very peaceful.
For all that you do, for all that you are, I feel blessed to know you and honoured that I have BHRR’s Boba Phett in my home. He is the best!

Tuni, from White Lake, Ontario

I have been slowly wandering through your new site, and I want to say how much I love reading about all your fur babies… I adopted a Dane last June from Alabama – her name is Miss Dixie, and she is similar in appearance to the one called Harley (that I see in your photo’s). I may be the lucky person in the world who gets to care for my Dixie– but to all the Danes still in rescue…… are their world . You have a wonderful heart to do what you do, and I feel like I am getting to know your dogs through you by means of your wonderful descriptive writing. Keep up the loving work.

Annick – Aylmer, QC, Canada

Hey Gwen,

Its been a while. Suki did her first agility trial last weekend and took 4th out of 7 in Jumpers and 1 out of 2 in Gamblers !!! What a great first trial I was so happy

BTW Loooove your new site looks great
How’s Dyce doing ?? I liked that part from the old site I had update on how everybody was doing

Chow for now