Katherine Buck is hoping to have this into print this week, to help raise much-needed funds for BHRR.
2 more spots to sell January & July plus the cover & 6 calendars, the funds raised will go directly to Jamila’s vet bill. 
The cover is available to host your pet for $50.00. There are also 2 calendar spots available to purchase at $25.00 each for your pet to be featured on one month of the calendar.

If you are interested please email Katherine Buck directly with your picture of your furry friend along with your $25.00 and/or $50. This will cover the cost of the printing of the calendar.

The sale of the calendars will be 100% profit for BHRR and Jamila.
There are ALSO 6 calendars left for sale for $20 each if you wish to preorder yours today.
Thank you all for your continued support!
*the calendars are coiled