BHRR’s Ethel is heading for a special picnic play date today!! She even helped me make the picnic. 

Well, she shall most likely sleep over playing. 

I was so so so touched when she was chosen for a date for an extremely and unique popular auction BHRR item we auctioned off at our annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ auction.

She may be almost blind and deaf, and an older Dane yet, she ‘sees’ so much with her heart, ‘hears’ so much with her soul and age is but a number! When she is playing, she is an absolutely hoot to watch! Her hobbly bobbly trots are adorable!

Thank you to this home in giving her this beautiful experience!

AND a photo of the picnic that BHRR’s Ethel helped me make and she did a fine job! 🙂

12628501_972396989493799_8123422651964169744_o 12657369_972401829493315_1691616554393227388_o