One Testimonial of BHRR’s Victory from her special picnic play date family!

“She is an INCREDIBLE dog, we have all fallen even more in love with her (so has her admirer Isaac). Her manners have been nothing short of lovely, she has welcomed everyone who has dropped by to take a peek at her and is now dozing away on a dog bed in the family room (all three pups are asleep, nothing short of a miracle!). Our 2 girls (7 and 9) marvel at her size but she is truly a gentle giant, takes a tiny treat ever so gently, is so nice to walk on a leash and a generally all around GREAT dog!!!”

Another Testimonial of BHRR’s Victory from this home that had the special picnic play date with her:

“Victory walked like a dream on the leash, found the puppy toy box quickly and has even had a rest on the living room floor quickly putting her belly up so that Ben could scratch it 🙂

 She has been amazing with the kids, we are keeping a very close eye on everyone, but as you said, she is a well balanced girl 🙂

 The picnic looks INCREDIBLE, thank you for making it, and trusting us with Victory.”

DSC01721 IMG_7488