Born: August 8th, 2008
AKC #: WS27792001
CKC #: 1103707
***Pedigree to follow
Armani De La Benjamine(WS18840601) x London Von Gigantic Blau(WS21404801)

Tain's ears were cropped on October 7th, 2008 & he had some complications, so he went on antibiotics.

Almost 8 weeks – 18.6 pounds – October 7th, 2008
8 weeks – 10.2 KGs(22.44 pounds) – October 10th, 2008
8.5 weeks – H=13+"
9 weeks – 11.0 KGs(24.2 pounds) – October 15th, 2008
9+ weeks – 11.2 KGS(24.64 pounds) – October 17th, 2008 – Sutures removed today & taping shall begin on Monday!
9.5 weeks – H=15" (October 19th, 2008)
10 weeks – Show Collar Size = 16" October 25th, 2008
10.5 weeks – H = 18" (October 27th, 2008)
11 weeks – H = 19" (November 2nd, 2008)
11.5 weeks – 15 KGs(33 pounds) – November 3rd, 2008
12+ weeks – 15.8 KGs(34.76 pounds) – November 8th, 2008
13 weeks – 16.7 KGS(36.74 pounds) – November 11th, 2008
13+weeks – H = 20" (November 15th, 2008)
15 weeks – 23.8 KGs(52.36 pounds) & H= 22.5" & Show Collar size = 18" – December 1st, 2008
16+ weeks – H = 23" – December 15th, 2008
17 weeks – H = 24" – December 18th, 2008
17.5 weeks – Show Collar size = 20" – December 21st, 2008
4.5 months – 32.0 KGs(70.4 pounds) – December 30th, 2008
Almost 5 months – 27" & 34.0 KGS(74.8 pounds) + Show Collar size = 22"- January 7th, 2009
Almost 5.5 months – 36.6 KGs(80.52 pounds) – January 21st, 2009
6.5 months – 41.4 KGs(91.08 pounds) + 28+" – February 24th, 2009
6.5+ months – 30" – March 2nd, 2009
6.5+ months – 43.6 KGs(95.9 pounds) – March 3rd, 2009
7 months – 44.8 KGs(98.56 pounds) – March 10th, 2009
7+ months – 49 KGs(107.80 pounds) – March 23rd, 2009
7+ months – 31" – March 25th, 2009
7.5+ months – 50.6 KGs(111.32 pounds) – April 6th, 2009
8 months – 54.60 KGs(120.12 pounds)- April 17th, 2009
9 months – 32"- May 8th, 2009
9.5 months – 32.5" – May 26th, 2009
10 months – 57.8 KGs(127.16 pounds) – June 16th, 2009
10.5+ months – 33" – July 4th, 2009
11.5 months – 33+" & Show Collar = 24" – August 1st, 2009
12 months – 130.0 pounds – August 10th, 2009
12 months – 34" – August 13th, 2009
13 months – 34+" – September 8th, 2009
13 months – 131.4 pounds – September 9th, 3009 -*Outside edges of Tain's ears 'scarred' plus buried sutures to help his crop
15 months – 139.04 pounds(63.2 KGs)
19.5 months – 143.88 pounds(65.4 KGs)- April 3rd, 2010
29 months – 145.64 pounds(66.2 KGs) –  January 15th, 2011
*Weight is actually higher – TAIN was leaning a bit on the wall
3 years – 147.40 pounds – November 18th, 2011*Neutered – Never Bred

Tain – 6 weeks & 9.5 months (May 23rd, 2009) – THANKS Barry for this picture!

Update September 11th, 2009: On September 9th, I brought Tain back in to see Dr. Marcil(she did Bronsons crop as well). As some are aware, we have been having 'issues' with his ears since March. By the time he was 10.5 months old, I 'knew' that things were not going to get better. Tain is 100% Euro, with very thick ear leather, was given a very long show crop 7" same as Bronsons(which my wonderful Vet thought would be fine when this was discussed as my concern back when he was 9 weeks of age); he has a TON of skin/wrinkles and that combined with being such a laid back, mellow, lazy boy in not using his ears; was not a good outcome. The older he was getting, the heavier the ear leather was becoming and though the bases were very strong from all of my taping, the cartilage was constantly breaking halfway up. I saw her on August 10th and discussed options(was not keen on doing a re-crop at his age), gave it another month of taping, gelatin etc. and then yesterday I brought him in to have the 'scarring' done on the edges plus did a buried suture procedure. He came out of the procedures really well(the first time he went under was not a good experience for a couple of reasons and I was quite concerned, hence part of my tough decision making process), had only some minimal bleeding yesterday, very mild discomfort(have Dermamaxx 100mg) and already his ears are up about 75% of the time now(much better than having only the right ear up here and there rarely). We opted not to do a complete re-crop at this point due to his age(would have if we had to though), nor do saline injections based upon Tain's individual situation and hopefully, this will make things work. Makes me so want to go back to showing natural some days like my CH. Dyceman BUT I love my bluez cropped and it makes his headpiece look divine. 🙂 I think some dogs look great natural and others great cropped. I am neither pro or anti-crop….just wanted to get that out there….I have both and have showed both to their Championships and it is truly each person's own decision. 😉 His left ear is doing well yet his right ear has now not stood up since mid-AM. I did email Dr. Marcil with pictures and as of yet, have not heard back. She mentioned that both of his ears should be standing, even if they were a bit crooked yet the right one is 'broken' in the same spot it was when I brought him in for the surgical procedures. Dr. Marcil also mentioned that some do have to tape once the sutures are removed in 10 days and others do not.

Upate April 12th, 2009: Sean helped me obtain some incredible 8 month stacking shots of Tain. I had a hard time narrowing down which one's to post and to send to his Breeder! 😛 He is working really well for me and we still just need to 'tweak' his comfort level with strangers touching his hind end and privates; for he still would like to sit down. Very common for them to do this, so we are working on it.  I have posted new slides above #34 – #37

37.jpgTain – 8 months

Update April 7th, 2009: I brought Tain in with me to work last night for a recheck on his eyes and the Vet agrees that the BNPH is working well and we will continue with him on that for the long-term. We shall give his eyes another couple of months to see if he shall grow and smooth out the skin on his face. If not, we will have to look at surgical as an option to correct the Entropion. I am not convinced on his 'current' weight though……I shall bring him back soon to get another weight. I believe he weighs more than what the scale was registering and he was a little 'forward' in his 'stand' on the scale; so that could have easiy affected the numbers. He is doing well and I brought him with me on a GD Hike we went on in Limerick Forest on Sunday and below are two pictures. THANKS Suzanne & Chuck!

Tain – April 5th, 2009 – 7.5 months @ Limerick Forest GD Hike

Update March 23rd, 2009: I have been suspecting for awhile that Tain has Entropion and I brought him in tonight and the Vet confirmed via testing including a Fluorescein eye stain that yes; he does have this plus Conjunctivitis. I have him on BNPH – TID for the next 10 days.  The Vet and I discussed whether his Entropion is because of all of his skin that he has yet to grow into and we will monitor as he develops/matures to see how things fare. What a happy and social boy Tain is! Loving everyone and everything!

Update March 3rd, 2009: 6.5+ month stack pic of Tain in slideshow #32 & #33 and here.


img_2086-medium.JPGTain – 6.5+ months


Update January 11th, 2009: 20 week stacked picture of Tain

img_1070-medium.jpgTain – 20 weeks

Update December 20th, 2008: Christmas 2008 picture of Tain and the kids!



Update December 16th, 2008: Many new slides of Tain! New Slides start at #19. Tain continues to do excellent on the home cooking plus smaller and more frequent meals and we have decided to do some absorption tests on Tain just as another proactive measure. We will be doing a Canine TLI, B12 & Folate test. He has only had one bad moment since November 27th and at this time, I am moving forward with his CKC # and the big question now is whether or not he shall make height for his 6 month birthday and be able to show in Woodstock! No biggie if not. Noreena has approached me about taking him to Markham, which is two weeks after Woodstock and that will remain an option for now. If not then, then April for his first Canadian shows. Noreena will be taking him with her when she travels to the US in January for him to just hang out and get used to the 'show' routine with her. She is only showing 4 dogs at this time and plenty of room and attention to be given to Tain. As Bronson is quite 'thin' now, passing on the Woodstock shows will be ok for me. Bronson keeps getting taller yet is not packing on the pounds to match his height right now! LOL

copy-of-stack16weeks4-medium.JPGTain – 16 weeks

Update December 1st, 2008: I brought Tain into work with me tonight for his boosters and to have a recheck. He is off all meds now as of last week and he had one day where his stools were diarrhea yet he is now passing soft yet fairy well formed poops. The Vet was not keen on keeping him on the Metronidazole for extended periods of time and I had wondered if due to the excitement of having BHRR's Dana arrive if that 'set' him off with the diarrhea. He is not straining to poop, crying in agony, cringing in pain and is not having to go out every 45 minutes – 1 one at this time either. He is thriving on his home cooked diet and is gaining weight and looking good. As happy as he was when he arrived; he is so much more happy now and not uncomfortable. KNOCK on wood; that he does not require any more aggressive testing/treatments etc. He has gone on two sleep-over play dates getting to know the person that will also handle him with me in the ring here and there and he has done great. I am deeply relieved and cautiously optimistic about moving forward to a possible show career etc. YAY! The Vet said that we could try him back on a kibble to see what happens and it is an option that I might consider but with how things are going now etc., I am content to leave him as is. RAW is most likely in our future and we take it one day at a time!

Update November 20th, 2008: When I was at work tonight, I had a long talk with the main Vet at my hospital that I have been dealing with in regards to 'next' steps with Tain as he has only had one bad tenesmus episode in the last week(YAY!). Our original plan was to finish the 10 day cycle of meds(Lactulose, Metronidazole and Tramadol) and give Tain a few days to see how he 'fared' without the meds and see if he had a regression. However; as he would be running out of meds heading into the weekend; we did not want him off meds during a time that it would be harder to get him in to see a Vet should he have need of emergency attention. So, we have agreed to keep him on the meds until Sunday and give him a few days med free to see how things go. This also means pushing back the Enema Barium Series(good and bad feelings on this on both of our parts) until we can better determine if we do need it. We know that we can do the Enema Barium Series within 24 hours(36 on the outside with how Tain has been digesting and moving poop) and as we have all that we need to do the Series; we are in great shape for a quick schedule later next week if required. As per Dr. Chapman as well; we are most likely looking at several things here and if we can get his large intestine(which is the postulation as to why many of his poops have such a high level of mucous in them)to not be so irritated; stabilize his stomach so that he is not bloating up(change of food has been done); make it easier for him to digest(higher fibre food and even smaller meals; more often which I am doing in addition to the fact that I am feeding very organic right now), settling his gut(with the Forti-Flora and yogurt as great probiotics and I am doing more with that) and trying to keep him pooping more regularly and normally. The new food source can also explain his better tolerance if he was having hypersensitivy issues or allergies. He has been sleeping quite well throughout the nights and other than last Saturday; he has done well. Another Vet that I work at is getting me some more contacts for having a possible Endosocpy done if we need to venture down that route and after the Enema Barium Series would have been done. So, there has been many changes in the past week+ to cover a lot of possibilities and we will need to give his body some time after his meds are done to see how things go. Part of me just wants to do the Barium on Monday as it has been a very long haul and part of me wants to sit back and be patient and see if it is something that we do not have to become more aggressive on, especially at this time. I know that the only way that we are really going to know about his small intestine and possible lesions, polyps, abnormalities etc. is to scope. I agree that we are most likely looking at several things here and I am going to push back the Barium at this time to see if all the changes that have been made to date are working. He might have a relapse, he might not; he might have a minor relapse now or in X amount of time yet I think we have to go one step at a time here and I remain hopeful that as Dr. Chapman said; he was pooping fairly normally(size/shape/consistency) for about two weeks after I got him and had moved him to a new food source from the EP that he had been fed at his Breeders; that it is believed that he might not have any constriction. The same Vet that is getting me other contacts in IM; is going to pull her own files on her own dog that has IBS and she had a biopsy done and scoped him etc. Many things are similar and some things are different as for example, while her own dog(and he was very young when his problems started too)vomited a lot and was losing weight and was always thin; Tain has only vomited twice and he is gaining weight well. So, we are going to compare histories and she is going to brainstorm with me too. I continue to remain very grateful to everyone that has been there for Tain and us and his Breeder has really ROCKED through all of this. She chose this puppy for me out of 11 in the litter and I trusted her implicitly then and I trust here even more now, if that were possible. If he does have an abnormality; we shall bear that cross when it comes and if it is fixable; I will request that I also want him neutered at that time(for several reasons) and if it is not; then I know that his Breeder will be there 100%. This is the importance of really researching where you obtain your pups from. I found her; developed the relationship and then my dream puppy came and I still believe that he has been well worth the 6 year wait. Who knows why out of 11 pups, I ended up with Tain(the only one with any medical issue at this time) but he is here now and I adore him…… 🙂 Something else Dr. Chapman said is that because 'pooping' hurt Tain so bad; that he would have most likely reached the point of avoiding to poop, making the situation that much worse and blocking him up further. Now, that it does not hurt and things are settling in his gut, stomach and intestines; that could be one other reason why he is doing better. This has been complicated and confusing to many yet we forge forward.

Update November 15th, 2008: Tain is now on Lactulose(TID), Metronidazole(BID) and Tramadol(BID) for pain. We have done fecals, Occult Blood Fecal, Barium Enema Series, bw, X-Rays, Rectal exam; have gone to Alta Vista to see Dr. T. Chapman on November 11th, 2008 and we shall repeat the Barium Enema Series on November 24th(he shall have to fast much longer than the 12 hours to ensure that his colon is completely empty). Ideally, it should be 24 hours; yet we might stretch it an extra 12 hours just to be sure. From there, if we need to scope we shall. I have him on strict home cooking and shall most likely transition him to RAW. I am giving him more plain yogurt than I have as a Probriotic and I also put him on FortiFlora for his gut. He does not seem to be digesting his food well and has severe Tenesmus. We also posted on the VIN to try and utilize it as an added resource. The things that have been thrown out as to what 'could' be going on ranges from small intestine abnormalities to IBS to severe colitis to a combination of things include acute food allergies/hypersensitivity. To say that his Breeder has been supportive is an understatement. I could not ask for a better mentor/person to be on my side! Waiting 6 years for Tain was well worth it for I just knew that this Breeder was exceptional and she has been incredible. New pics of Tain at 13 weeks now posted.

Update November 9th, 2008: Tain has been having bowel problems since before he arrived(Breeder thought possible obstruction or gastroenteritis) and she had X-Rays done the day he was to fly in(October 4th, 2008) and nothing was seen other than the fact that Tain needed to poop yet poor Tain continues to have issues during the month+ that we have had him. We are going to be doing an Enema Barium Series to see if we can find out more answers.