Haven Collar-$2 to BHRR

UPDATE: $25.00 has come our way to date from the sale of this customized ‘Haven’ Collar

First thanks must go to Charlotte Hayward for nominating BHRR for the “your favorite rescue organization” contest that had BHRR be the winners of. We remain deeply humbled by your show of support and your kindness. What a beautiful nomination to have received!

Beautiful thanks also must be extended to Uta The Crazy Dog House for the talent and heart put into this incredibly gorgeous collar that she is calling the “Haven” collar.

$2.00 from each collar sold shall come to Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) to help support our efforts!

I know I shall be making some orders! Just so amazing Uta’s items are!

We were sent a collar(two actually!) and a leash from Uta that arrived today and I almost do not wish to use them for they are so stunning!

Thank you Uta!

To reach Uta, to make an order, EMAIL is best:

Here is Uta’s website: