BHRR Second Chances

On November 6th, 2009; BHRR was contacted by Jacquelyn in respect to doing a Fundraiser for the animals in need of our BHRR program(s). She is a University student studying American Sign Language and is very dedicated to minority groups, including deaf, blind and disabled individuals. She wanted to do a fundraiser for BHRR as many of our dogs are part of a minority group. She and Greg have purchased 500 bracelets – see below picture and will be selling them for just $2.00 each. Each bracelet says ‘BHRR Second Chances’ and Jacquelyn has also created a BHRR Second Chances Facebook Group that the public are open to joining plus cross-posting to others. There is only a limited number of bracelets for sale so get your orders in soon!

From Jacquelyn:

Bracelets Cost: $2.00 + any extra donations you wish to include
Shipping Costs: Minimal $0.75 in Canada
Payment: Should be by Cheque or Money Order (payable in Canadian Funds).
This should be mailed to:
Jacquelyn Ohinski

4614 The Gallops
Mississauga, ON
L5M 3A9
*Once she have received your order with payment; Jacquelyn will ship the bracelets out. Shipping should take 3-5 business days. She will not be ready to ship the bracelets out until late next week or the following week (November 23rd, 2009).

With each purchase please include your name and email so that BHRR can keep track of who has donated.


We would like to extend our deepest thanks to both Jacquelyn and Greg for organizing this wonderful fundraiser on behalf of the BHRR animals. Please contact Jacquelyn directly should you have any questions.

*The monies raised in this Fundraiser shall go towards assisting BHRR’s Potter along his Potter’s Path

BHRR Second Chances Angels:

Andrea Riddle
Ryan Seymour
Matt Guard
Roxy Sniezko
Stephanie fantauzzi
Rosalie Visser
Jennifer Miller
Michelle Barahona
Alison Reid
Emily Vanin
Suzanne Desjardins + $8.00 Donation
Caitlyn Ghoura & the Deaf school ECDury, located in Milton
Anonymous through BHRR
Rebecca N. through BHRR
Kinsley B through BHRR
Gayle through BHRR
Paul C. through BHRR
Lauren through BHRR

*As of January 15th, 2010, we have asked Jacquelyn to send us an updated list of names and Jacquelyn had also indicated in an email she sent to us on January 7th, 2010 that she would be sending us what money has been collected to date for BHRR. We will update this page with the fund total and names as soon as BHRR has received the check including buyer information. THANK YOU SO much to everyone that has been purchasing these bracelets!

*In public recognition to those that have been emailing us about the satus of this Fundraiser – On February 7th, 2010; we sent another email to Jacquelyn respectfully requesting an updated list of names and to indicate that we have not yet received the funds promised in an email dated January 7th, 2010 to be sent. BHRR will update this page as soon as we can as it is so important to us to acknowledge the ‘angels’ of BHRR Inc. We continue to thank Jacquelyn, Greg and all the BHRR Supporters for their contributions since this Fundraiser began in November 2009.

*On Friday February 12th, we have sent another email to Jacquelyn plus made a post on the group she has created on FB.

*On February 13th, we heard from Jacquelyn with the promise that we would receive a check(minus the $115 she would be deducting for the cost of the purchase on the bracelets) and all remaining bracelets were offered to be sent by herself to BHRR. She indicated at this time that she did not have names for BHRR to post our appreciative thanks. We replied in our fourth email back confirming our mailing address to Jacquelyn.

*Update: March 2nd, 2010: We finally received a check written out to ‘Kanata Animal Hospital’ for the amount of $180($295 raised – $115 Jacquelyn kept for purchase cost) yet we have not yet received all remaining bracelets per Jacquelyn’s email to us on February 13th stating that she can send them to us. We have sent out our fifth email to Jacquelyn today for the shipment of the bracelets were to have been received by February 23rd, 2010. We have also made another wall post on the FB Group directing Jacquelyn to her email. BHRR has been forced into a very difficult and stressful position in our attempts to follow through on promises/expectations set by Jacquelyn in her emails plus ‘intent’ of this Fundraiser for BHRR.