Picture Post #8 Miss Lily 
*Deaf/Minor Visual Impairment

My final picture of her day at the Vet!

She wants to be friends with the dog in the picture on the wall! 

I think she believes that by standing on the stair will get her closer to the dog in the picture and said dog could then see her and be her friend! LOL

She is so proud of herself and I am so proud of her and if you have followed her picture journey today at the Vet and would like to see us re-open our doors to keep helping dogs like Miss Lily, we ask you to please do consider making a donation to our cause.

If you believe that we are making a positive difference to dogs like Miss Lily, please do consider supporting us…..

We are handling some big unexpected bills with dogs like The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Fletcher and with everything Miss Penelope the Newf has been going through – we are still awaiting the biopsy results on her ovaries.

We continue to also handle enormous Vet Bills for dogs like BHRR’s Volt and BHRR’s Rion.

Donations can be made via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

OR you can made donations direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

On behalf of Miss Lily and our home, we wish all of our friends, family and supporters a wonderful night! Thank you for following her picture journey at the Vet today! 

Picture #7

This is Miss Lily when the Vet visit was over and she notes a large pic of a dog on the wall! 

Her picture journey of her day at the Vet continues!

Picture #6

Miss Lily – sitting in the chair!

Successful Vet visit had thanks to understanding, patience, time – we were there over an hour between arrival and leaving – consistency, tough love and acceptance! 

This was a fabu training and awesome rehab day for her…..

Yes, she has one blue eye and one brown eye.

She is such a ham! You just have to allow her to get to know you…..for when she decides you are ‘ok’, she will truly want to be your bff!

Picture #5 While we still wait to be seen by the Vet, Miss Lily decides it is ok to lay on her side….keeping those gorgeous peepers on me at all times!

All I am doing is just being there for her, in her sight, quiet, comfortable and having confidence demonstrating in my body language that all will be ok.

When the Vet came in, she was in my lap again and when he crouched down and put his body sideways, she came up for some sniffs and some pats.

This girl had been put into a prong, harsh training methods had been used and while she was nervous she equally showed backbone to me that if she was forced she would mouth gently. She correctly beautifully as I respect her.

As told to the Vet, yes, she is nervous yet she equally is pushing back as she just does not want something to happen. We have to find that balance and so, we did not get her temperature yet her heart was listened to.

We did not do bloodwork yet I do know that we could have done this yet stated I was happy to wait and she had her vaccines. A partial mouth exam was done and the big success was that she knew at the end of it that she survived!

To not have done anything at this Visit, she would have not learned anything and while we did not get all done that she needs, we got some truly important things done and she saw that at the end of it that she not just survived yet thrived!

To me that was a great Vet visit!! 

As more time passes, she shifts to her side to be more comfortable and though she is still posed to jump if I make the slightest movement, she is relaxing a bit more….

She then decides it is ok to lay down…not 100% comfortable yet this is huge going from literally in my lap to being near me….

She is still not going to let me out of her eyesight though…

Picture post #4

Miss Lily then moves away from me to do some de-stressing self-comforting stretches.

The huge thumbs up is seeing her working to provide some reassurance to herself now after I did so…..

She would keep come back to me yet, she is also realising that she, too can help herself.

She is not taking her eyes off me though and that is 100% fine.

We have also been working on her ‘check in’ and she is doing extremely well!

You can see how skinny she is by noting not 1, not 2, not 3 yet four ribs on that one side poking out.

Yet, we will get there!

She still is not sure…..yet, I am and passed along my comfortable calm vibrations through my words as she rested on my Chest.

For those who do not know….she is deaf and visually impaired and the vibrations of my calm voice can be felt by her as she rests her head on my chest for reassurance…

I promised her it would be ok….

Her face tells a thousand things…and my purpose is to give her the best experience possible today to make the second visit even easier on her.

Picture #3

This is Miss Lily coming over for some reassurance and she received some calming touches and a smooch. This is before the Vet even came in……

Her face is very expressive….

You can also see the raw healing wounds from the prong use that had gone on in her previous home.

She now sports a stunning Wiggle Bumz Collar that I bought. 

So, as people can see in the first picture thread post, how Miss Lily was with the people she met today – other than the one tall man and her Vet.

This is Picture #2 – in the exam room. We went into the exam room about half an hour after we arrived.

She had been overall content in the waiting area and other than backing into me and clearly showing some cautious worried body language when the one tall man walked by, she was curious, sitting in my lap, sitting in the chairs and sitting on other people’s laps.

Breaks your heart to then see this.

This is where I then passively ignore and did not make a big deal out of us being there. Calming touch when she sought me out, I sat down and acted like being at the Vet is a perfectly great and ok place to be….answered emails and treated the world as normal.

This body language of hers is not the same as what it was when we first arrived….

So, this shall be a picture story of Miss Lily at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic today.

Picture #1 – Making friends in the waiting room! Not much personal space given by this girl if she decides you are going to be her friend! No matter if you have space issues, she does not care yet, to all the met her today, they had zero issues with her being in their bubble! 

We arrived about 15 minutes early and were there for about 1 hour. I wanted to give her plenty of time to settle in.

On our drive in she does OCD chase the occasional vehicle that passed us. As of yet no pattern found yet documenting it all so I can best assist her moving forward. She was always fine when I passed vehicles and occasionally had an issue with a vehicle that would pass us be it on the highway or local roads.

She weighed a thin 39.2 Kgs(86.24 pounds) and ideally I would like to see her closer to 100 pounds. We shall get there!

The thing that made her most nervous was the one tall man that walked by which in turn the other tall man that she saw today was her Vet.

These photo’s I shall post in separate posts are the different faces of BHRR’s Miss Lily @ the Vet.

Miss Lily!

‘Where are we going now Mama Gwennie?!’

Curious and though a bit cautious at first, once she knows all is ok, she is all in with the body leans and happy tail and loving! 

Good thing she is so adorable for she is in a head lock with me re: crate training! She has worn down her previous home so many times that she is determined to do it with me too.

She does not know me very well….yet…. 

We are also making wonderful progress on the house breaking and her general anxiety.

We are making excellent progress with her car anxiety too. She is learning that there are amazing experiences and caring hands with lots of praise plus treats associated with the car and this girl wants to trust people badly.

Her obedience manners are overall ok and once her puppy brain settles and she is not so overwhelmed with distractions plus stimulation, she is going to rock!

We are getting better with the ‘check in’ looks and she is quite proud of herself when she realises she has done it! The more clear open communication she has the more she relaxes as she learns to become a dog and is not confused about the expectations asked of her.

She is starting to show a playful side and has taken a shine to BHRR’s Juniper and BHRR’s Burst. BHRR’s Juniper being half Wolfie is making Miss Lily work for it and BHRR’s Burst takes play to a level that Miss Lily is not quite ready for yet these are the two that she has connected with and with her charm, she is going to win over BHRR’s Juniper! 

Today, we are off to the Vet and will post an update afterwards……


Good Morning from this ray of sunshine!!

Miss Lily!
*Deaf / Minor Vision Impairment
*~15 months old

She is settling in well….crate training is going so much better then expected.

She has proven with us to not be housebroken but we will get there!

She has some anxiety also about going outside and we are working through that.

She is very confused about what being a dog is about yet baby steps.

She is the sweetest and most precious of gems! She is affectionate and expresses her joyous feelings with her whole wiggly body! 

She loves to flip water bowls and then just look at you! What a ham!! It is like ‘now that I have your attention…..’

I am totally loving this girl and getting to know her!

I got her!

BHRR’s Miss Lily (Deaf/Visually Impaired Great Dane) – AND her vision impairment is quite minor.

She is the most adorable small package! Smaller than Miss Tilly and equally gorgeous!

We have some behavioural OCD things to work through plus the typical training from what her owner has imparted my way. Sadly, this amazing well intentioned home hired a ‘trainer’ for $3,000 that believes in prongs plus shock collars and just as we knew would be the answer, the behaviours for this sweet innocent young thing became worse.

She has understandable anxiety too.

*NOTE: This thread is not open to debate as to whether you may think prongs, chokes and e-collars are great training tools.*

This poor girl’s neck is raw now.

She is skinny yet, she is also a growing maturing Dane and the weight will come on.

I am now making my long drive home with a real gem of a Dane – I already know that she is going to be a hoot, so much personality plus love and affection in this girl! Already covered in the Dane leans! 

She will begin her proactive/preventative vetting on Monday – I want to give her some time to settle in. We will begin her de-worming protocol now though. She will also need to be spayed – per her Owner, she has had one heat already and is due to have another one shortly.

It was such a pleasure meeting Miss Lily’s Owner and I said several times over that they can reach out any time, that Miss Lily has her own blog already etc.

AND I am anticipating a night of no sleep for crate training is on the agenda for this girl. Mannerisms 101 coming up with Gwennie’s doggie boot camp! 

AND as we have posted already, our doors are now indefinitely closed until further notice.

We have had so many unexpected Vet Bills with BHRR’s Fletcher & BHRR’s Miss Penelope being the latest.

For anyone who may consider assisting us in keeping out doors open, donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

This girl is not yet AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION and as we have answered more than one home to date, we will not consider a home without a properly safely fenced in yard.

Her previous Owner can attest to the importance of a fenced in yard as they lost one of their Doberman’s from being hit by a transport….. 

Thank you also once more to Tanya of Poet’s Vision in putting this home in touch with us.

This is Miss Lily!
~15 month old Great Dane
*She is Deaf & Visually Impaired

Thank you from our hearts to Tanya of Poet’s Vision for putting the O. in touch with our highly focused special needs Great Dane Rescue.

As I state so often, good owners sometimes have to let go of their dogs and it is an extremely difficult time for them. 

This home is not new to dogs and is not inexperienced yet, having a deaf/visually impaired Dane is new to them. They have worked hard to do right by her and they now want better for her.

BHRR is here to support and to assist where needed and please do join me in providing kindness to her O.

ETA to BHRR Thursday August 1st.

I also wish to thank Tasha for offering to temp foster BHRR’s Oliver so that I can bring this lovely gem direct into my own home!

After her arrival, per a previous post, our doors will be closed as we need to take care of our financial health. With the unexpected expense of BHRR’s Fletcher of not one yet two surgeries this week, our coffers are bare.

BHRR relies on the kindness and support of others via donations to keep BHRR operating to the high standard that we do and BHRR is mostly funded out of the personal pockets of Sean/myself.

We are tapped right taking care of BHRR’s Volt, BHRR’s Rion and now BHRR’s Fletcher plus BHRR’s Penelope, so once BHRR’s Lily arrives; we are sorry to say that we can not help any further dogs for X period of time.

For those that may consider our cause to support, donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com

We never will compromise the high level of care each animal deserves and while we wish we could keep our doors open; we cannot without your help.

BHRR has been the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue since 1996 and we thank you in advance for any consideration……



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