BHRR Animals Available For Adoption

This is a blog post, updated regularly as to who is available for adoption and the ‘quick’ status of others not yet available for adoption.
NOTE: This blog post is on each of the dogs’ individual pages.
All of our available dogs can also be found on our PetFinder website.
*To read a dog’s blog, scroll to the very bottom of that dog’s individual page and read upwards, skipping over any posts such as fundraiser posts. They will answer most of your questions re: age, history etc.*

**NOTE: As of December 1st, 2016; BHRR shall no longer be responding to any inquires to adopt. We are following the lead of other r/q organizations and ONLY completed adoption applications submitted to the BHRR BOD shall be considered/responded to.**

BHRR is a federally registered NP organization and requires an application/contract to be filled out, personal references including a vet reference if applicable and a home visit to be done before being approved to adopt.

We also require that at the time of meeting any BHRR animal (after completing the application process up to that point) that the whole family + any other currently owned animals are either brought to the locale of the animal in question for at least one meeting to take place, yet almost always, we bring said dog to the home as part of the home-visit.

BHRR only places per best matched personality fit.

We also require that within four months of having adopted your new addition that at least one full round/session of group classes of obedience (they can range from 6-18 weeks) must be started and upon completion; proof (registration + completion) must be submitted to BHRR’s attention at BHRR and with having your signature on the adoption application/contract; you will be in a legal breach of your contract should this not be done. The animal involved will have to be returned promptly & safely to BHRR at your own expense.


BHRR’s Abby(F)  – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE July 3rd, 2013 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Leroy(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE June 4th, 2014 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Salem(F) – AVAILABLE NEW ARRIVAL SINCE February 5th, 2015 – *Great Dane/Mastiff

BHRR’s Ivy(F)AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE February 18th, 2015   -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Raven(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE October 8th, 2015 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Steam (Steam Boat)(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE Dec 1, ’15 – *Mini Aussie(Deaf/Visually impaired)

BHRR’s Bell(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE December 19th, 2015 -*Great Dane(Deaf/Visually Impaired)

BHRR’s Whisper(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE March 14th, 2016 -*Great Dane(Deaf/Visually Impaired)

BHRR’s Eve(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE May 13th, 2016 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Rubble(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE September 19th, 2016 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Pearl(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE February 12th, 2017 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Latte(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE April 18th, 2017 – *Neapolitan Mastiff or Mastino – PENDING Adoption May 24

BHRR’s Giselle(F) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION NEW ARRIVAL September 7th, 2016 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Black Diamond(F) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL March 12th, 2017 – *Great Dane

BHRR’s Sambuca(M) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL April 9th, 2017 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Gravel(M) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL April 17th, 2017 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Capone(M) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL April 27th, 2017 -*Great Dane


BHRR’s Daffodil(F) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL May 14th, 2017 -*Great Dane




In 2017, BHRR is going to book ONLY 4 Community Education & Public Awareness Events

1. Our 10th Annual Microchip, Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser is Sunday July 9th @ Pet Valu Stittsville – 1250 Main Street
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
*NO Appointments Necessary
Microchips – Cats & Dogs – $40
Nails – Cats, Dogs & Exotics – $10
Ear Cleaning for Dogs – $10
Dog Baths with Towel/Blow Dry – $10
Silent Auction
Doggie Treat Table
Human Baked Goodies Table
50/50 Raffle
Face-Painting, Feathers & Tats – By Donation
*We are seeking 8 more BHRR Approved Volunteers to hang out with us on Sunday. Please EMAIL

2. We have been invited back to Critter Jungle for a 6th YEAR! For their annual Rub-A-Dub – Dirty Dog Bath!
Date: Saturday July 15th
Time: 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Dog Baths $15 Wash & Towel Dry
Ear Cleanings $10
& Nails $10
*We are seeking 6 more BHRR Approved Volunteers to hang out with us on Saturday Please EMAIL

3. 3rd Annual Kinsley’s ‘K’night At The Movies – Saturday August 12th, 2017!

*Rain Date: Saturday August 19th, 2017*
Time: 6:00 pm @ BHRR

Registration – Please EMAIL

*ONLY 25 tickets Available! $25 – Two movies (1st – Here Comes The Boom! & 2nd – The Martian) under the stars & an all you can eat BBQ of Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Veggie Burgers with popcorn/cotton candy and non alcoholic drinks. AND Marshmallows plus a Boerskins Bonfile!

$20 – Additional Donation for a BHRR Doggie Date
Dessert by potluck donation!

4. BHRR will be at Pet Valu Hazeldean on Saturday November 4th from 10 AM – 4 PM
Dog Baths
Nail Trims
Ear Cleanings
Some Merchandise for Sale
*We are seeking 3 more BHRR Approved Volunteers to hang out with us on Saturday. Please EMAIL

5. ONGOING – On February 21st, 2013, I received a most delightful and touching email from a woman named Allie MacAlister that is so very active in helping others

She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

10% of sales of her products will come to BHRR!

*You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, totes, greeting cards and SO much more! She will be adding products regularly.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

Guess who just ran around outside playing for the last half hour….YUP! BHRR’s Gravel!

Oh yeah! Yay! Yipppeee!

UPDATE: Tonight was a big step backwards yet that is also not abnormal or unexpected. I am the only one that can now handle him and he is suddenly depressed.

If he is not back to being more perked up tomorrow AM, I will have to stress him out somewhat as I do not want him getting dehydrated and will bring him into work with me. The poor boy does not have much in ‘spares’ in his body and as long as he was eating and drinking even some….those were positive ‘move forward’ signs….

When I pet him, even his shoulder blades are prominent.

As has been my motto for years, tomorrow is another day. He and I took a small stroll outside and he is resting in his crate now.

Sean has made a decision!

He has named him BHRR’s Gravel!

AND the fecal that I ran was negative yet we still de-worm as that does not necessarily mean his parasite free.

Still nameless and the push is on o get him named by end of today. A NEW name befitting his new amazing future!

UPDATE: He had another good night! Easy to take in and out of his colossal crate, no issues with collar handling – we are gentle and slow, goes outside, comes back inside, and eating plus drinking is still very minimal.

Not uncommon and the more settled and safe he feels, the more he will relax and begin to eat/drink.

He has been out in the 3+ fenced in yard twice so far this AM and the second time, he felt most comfortable with me near him – YAY! Yet, what I do not desire to happen is SA behaviours, so will find that right happy medium as we move forward.

AND, I got a small tail wag this AM. Very small BUT it was there, a little more than the tip….YAY!

Danya & Mel  – he is doing thumbs up, all things considered! What a rescue this was and thanks to you both plus Daniele again.

I am hoping to be able to bring him to work with me on Monday to start his full proactive/preventative vetting protocol yet we will see how he feels by then.

Another day together and getting to know each other!

He will get there…..and I have all the time and patience with love in the world for him. This is what we do!

I shall not share the video’s taken of him in the pound. We need to look towards his future and give him the present he deserves. He is extremely fearful and I now have to give him reasons to trust me….I need to earn that from him and the other dogs here will help him too with that.

BHRR was founded to help the dogs just like him……and we shall…..

AND I now have the newest addition to BHRR, the ~7 year old male Merle Dane.

Thank you to Danya – for rushing to the pound to safely get him out of the run and Daniele – for driving him all the way to KAH as I was working – to get him to me. This would have been his last day if it were not for you both today. I am forever grateful and indebted.

This boy still needs a name and he is almost a mirror image to BHRR’s Black Diamond in terror, lack of socialisation plus handling. This boy is also pretty close to being emaciated and I would say it is a fair statement to say he is. All hips, ribs and spine really showing. I was not able to capture in pictures truly how painful he looks.

I was told that he had also not eaten in three days…..

Nails, bath, exams, vaccines, blood-work etc., shall all have to wait for he needs to settle in first. He did provide me with a fecal sample out of fear – he also did that at the gas pound – and so we are sending it to the lab to test.

This is a photo of him & I are our way home. Not a great photo as he is so scared.

I am in urgent need of high quality canned dog food. For him and BHRR’s Sambuca. If anyone may consider assisting us in filling this need, please do let me know.

Thank you in advance for any consideration.

This boy is seriously emotionally broken….yet, as with BHRR’s Diamond, tomorrow is a new day. One step… day….at a time.

Welcome to BHRR you dear sweet boy…….This boy was dumped as the home has kids….he was skinny before he was even dumped….undersocialised and lacking training.

All that white hair and drool is from BHRR’s Sambuca! Car to be detailed again soon!



BHRR’s ????
As always, so many in need and never enough spots.

This 7 year Male Merle GD has ended up in a high kill gas pound and had only four days to get out. We were contacted to assist and the rest shall soon be history.

He is said to be skinny, not up to date on vaccines, and was dumped as the home has kids. He is undersocialised and fearful.

To those that question many groups position re: their child adoption policy, here is another recent drop off to a high kill place – BHRR’s Rickards is another example. Homes having kids is one of the top five reasons why dogs are given up, especially for Giants and the child adoption polices that groups have in place are there for excellent reasons.

Lack of obedience and socialisation are other top five reasons for a dog being dumped.

This boy is a poster dog for no less than three of these top reasons.

How could we turn away from him in his time of need?!

ETA to BHRR being worked on.

He shall be #6 for BHRR to be able to help this year.

Thank you to the angel that donated towards his pull fee. I was in surgery yesterday with BHRR’s Sambuca and offered to pay it all yet saw a posting later with this person’s generous contribution and when I was able to, I paid the remaining $50 owed to get him out of the pound.