Soooooo, this happened tonight!
BHRR’s Titan has moved to an ADOPTED status!
This fam photo is a bit different, yet no less awesome – Miss Hazel(BHRR’s Whisper ADOPTED November 12th, 2018) is the white Great Dane & Mr. Titan is with his forever loving adoptive Mama! 
As is said, the best failure is a foster failure when it is a right-matched personality fit!
As BHRR’s Titan’s adoptive mama says, ‘foster success!’ 
I am so happy for all of them, and thank you to Sean for coming to do this home visit with me!
AND thank you to my family for watching The Beans while I had to step out for this home visit.
My heart is bursting with happiness for him and his wonderful, forever-loving adoptive home!
You have come far, my dear boy, and you are very loved beyond measure by so many!