The Beans had their re-weighs today and their next DAPP boosters – they also received their first Lepto & Lyme vaccines – plus picked up their next flea/tick & hw meds.
Their weights range from 9.7 (Miss Bev) up to 11.3 kgs(Miss Nola & Miss Maybelle Cutie). Mr. Albar was 10.9 kgs. Two of the girls were 11.3 kgs & the other was 11.2 kgs.
Thanks to Amanda and Jen for their assistance ‘lugging’ the beans, as the parking lot was insanely busy!
We had Miss Nolan’s heart checked again, and she still has her Grade 1-2 HM, which is not uncommon and often can be completely harmless, and they often can outgrow them. We shall continue to monitor. Miss Nola and her Bean siblings got the big thumbs up at their Vet visit!
The unfortunate part is that three of the beans vomited twice post vaccines, and four were very subdued. This is most likely from the Lepto booster in a combination with the excitement of the day.
All temps were high normal, and they are being closely monitored in case they may need some dex or Benadryl.
All are resting quietly – getting some sun rays…..
On a side note, I was deeply overjoyed to see my Miss Bevie!  I have dearly missed her, and she was so happy to see me too!
I love the picture I have posted of BHRR’s Chester – ADOPTED May 3rd, 2022 – and Miss Bev!

The Beans turn 3 months old Sunday! The 23rd of October.

First Picture: Mr. Albar behind Miss Maybelle Cutie & Miss Ayla to the left lying down & Moss Nola to the right lying down.
Second Picture: BHRR’s Maybelle – head on Miss Ayla’s back & Miss Nola lying down. 
Third Picture: Miss Bev with BHRR’s Chester – ADOPTED May 3rd, 2022.

Puppy 1 – 0.38 kgs – deceased as of 8:49 AM Thursday, August 4th(passed away just hours after they were surrendered to rescue)
Puppy 2 BHRR’s Nola – (Miss Fighter Bean)
August 4th – 0.38 kgs as well
August 8th – 0.62 kgs (1 lb, 6 oz)
August 11th – 0.82 kgs (1 lb, 12.8 oz)
September 15th – 4.9 kgs (10.78 pounds)
October 21st – 11.3 kgs (24.86 pounds)
Puppy 3 BHRR’s Beaver(Bev) – (Miss Explorer Bean)
August 4th – 0.48 kgs
August 8th – 0.71 kgs (1 lb, 9 oz)
September 15th – 4.7 kgs (10.34 pounds)
October 21st – 9.7 kgs (21.34 pounds)
Puppy 4 BHRR’s Albar – (Mr. Warrior Bean)
August 4th – 0.46 kgs
August 8th – 0.79 kgs (1 lb, 12 oz)
September 15th – 5.2 kgs (11.44 pounds)
October 21st – 10.9 kgs (23.98 pounds)
Puppy 5 BHRR’s Maybelle Cutie – (Miss Diva Princess Bean)
August 4th – 0.56 kgs
August 8th – 0.99 kgs (2 lbs, 3 oz)
September 15th – 5.3 kgs (11.66 pounds)
October 21st – 11.3 kgs (24.86 pounds) The same as Miss Nola
Puppy 6 BHRR’s Ayla (Miss Busy Mobile Bean)
August 4th – 0.64 kgs
August 8th – 0.79 kgs (1 lb, 12 oz)
August 11th – 1.03 kg (2 lbs, 3.6 oz)
September 15th – 4.7 kgs – same as BHRR’s Bev (10.34 pounds)
October 21st – 11.2 kgs (24.64 pounds)
*We know that she was ‘chill’ due to still battling aspiration pneumonia, yet is now a busy bean!