This evening I dropped off Miss Bev to her foster Mama.

It was a massive step for us both!

My wee beans have been a massive part of my life since they were not even ten days old.

She knew something was up – sadly had her first ever bm in the car & then even puked in the car as we arrived – yet, with some assurance, then passively ignoring, she & I got through the brief hand-off to keep stress to a minimum.

This is what she now needs. She is a very, very, very special girl, and as protective as I am about all of them, I am even more so with her.

I want each and every dog we are entrusted with to become the best dogs they can be, and it is time for them to go to this next step. I have worked incredibly hard to give them a strong foundation, to get them healthy, and they are well-adjusted solid baby beans!

She is ready to fly and spread her wings…she just needs to know this herself, and it will come fast. 

Miss Bev needs patience, understanding, and people to show her things, yet do not push her nor cross her clear boundaries, gently push them to show her how wonderful the world is….from day 1, she has been this way – even with nursing, etc., – and if you give her the time to size things up, and be patient, she will emerge as the explorer bean she is and step forth with confidence, excitement, a bounce in her step & comfort. AND expresses herself with her adorable sounds.

She needs to size things up; first, she is quiet and sweet, and the others tend to want to push her and boss her around.

Yet, she has boundaries, as easygoing and submissive as she can be, when her siblings cross them, she will take a stance, it is far coming, though. She tolerates a lot. Yet, she has backbone!

My five beans are no longer with me…I now have four.

I am so full of mixed feelings…yet all are entering the next wonderful chapter where each shall go on to continue to spread their wings and thrive.

I shall forever be their mama Gwennie and remain incredibly proud of them! 

Tomorrow, they will make their official special announcements!

They turned ten weeks old today….