Mr. Bruce is doing well.
He needs to learn about the comforts of a comfy dog bed….
I am told that he is very gentle about taking treats, has been introduced to their own dog, and was great & this picture gives an idea of how skinny he is.
He has a sore area between his toes on one foot and has been battling ear plus eye infections & they had put him on trazodone for his kennel anxiety. He is also on Gabapentin.
We will let him decompress, settle in, and work on gradually reducing his trazodone and getting him healthy.
He is understandably confused and nervous. So much change since his owner died, and then he has been in a shelter since the beginning of September.
He has an appointment with our vet scheduled for next Saturday so we can re-weigh – the shelter has him listed at 50 kg(110 pounds) & I am not sure if that is just an estimate. He will get more dewormer, be placed on more flea/tick/hw meds, we will do some bloodwork, and get boosters if he is healthy enough. We will check his ears and eyes, and he will have a thorough exam.
They also estimated his age to be around 3. As he becomes healthy and happier, we will check his teeth – not an accurate method either, yet a good tool – we can better determine his age.
So many see the ‘grey’ or ‘white’ muzzle and think older. The masking gene is a genetic marker and can emerge when a Dane is not even one year of age, like premature greying in humans. From the pics and video, I am estimating 2-3 years of age max myself. We will see!