Today, Mr. Titan had his big day!
His re-weigh was 58.4 kgs(128.48 pounds).
We did a repeat UA, ear cytology, ear cleaning, boosters, repeated bloodwork, microchipped, neutered, nails, checked his hind end/knees/feet, and did a dental on him. Nothing but the best for the BHRR dogs! 
It was so awesome to see him again from when he was sent off to his amazing temp foster home! He is so amazing!! 
He is so happy and healthier – now have to watch his waistline!
This boy will make that right-matched forever-loving home the best addition when it is time for him to make his special announcement!
Some pics -from when he got his premed, after the pre-med kicked in, intubated, and his neuter being done…
Thank you to his really wonderful foster home for taking such excellent care of him!!
His collar was a hit with my work colleagues.