These next few days are my opportunity to catch up on some much needed picture posting and blogs for the Dogs here! BHRR’s Shiva plus BHRR’s Dana are my top priority since it has been forever and a day since an update was made! Below you shall find her slideshow from when she had her toe amputation on September 2nd, 2009. Those who are aware of her ‘story’ and have seen her since she has healed; just do not seem to notice that she no longer has 4 toes on that right front foot. Those that meet her for the first time(and we still have some moments of ‘excite’ jumping on a few people) often just suddenly exclaim; she only has three toes! That she does and she is fully healed and doing fantastic. She has been a wee bit more sensitive to the cold on that foot this past winter yet it has not held her back! I also drew blood recently for her regular Heartworm test and she is negative. She continues to be on Sentinel year round and as with our other stunning black beauties, we continue to wait for that right matched forever loving home to come along. As mentioned recently to one person; these three black beauties(BHRR’s Mindy, Dana & Shiva) have no need of us any longer and as long as they are here; they will continue to be loved and training and cherished and enjoyed yet it also takes up 3 spots for us to assist other animals in need of our BHRR program(s). Dana has been learning some ‘ladylike’ manners from BHRR’s Mindy and in turn, Dana has been teaching Mindy to be more ‘puppylike’ and ‘playful’ and less reserved. It is not unknown now to see Mindy and Shiva ‘rock’ the place with their antics and be told to take it outside! AND we have BHRR’s Dana looking on with almost pride over her accomplishments in seeing Mindy get in trouble for her inside playing with Shiva! LOL I have added new pictures to her slideshow #25 – #27 from August 13th of 2009 and one from December 24th, 2009.  I have also added her December 24th, 2009 picture below as her facial expression is hilarious! Now that the weather looks like spring is headed our way; we shall begin to post come April; upcoming playdates available for our approved BHRR families! We also have our next BHRR’s mini Open House date set for June and if you are interested, please contact Gwen. Additionally, some will notice that our PayPal Button is no longer on our site. As we move forward to the next stage of our CRA Status registration; per their User Policy – Service Requiring Pre-Approval Contact InformationCollecting donations as a charity or non-profit organization;………….. Please send contact information, business website URL and a brief business summary – we have moved proactively to obtain this approval and have submitted our URL and a BHRR summary to their compliance department and now are awaiting our meeting with our bank on Friday to obtain our new BHRR banking information to also submit to obtain this pre-approval along with all of our legal information plus CRA paperwork indicating that we are GST/HST exempt. I do not believe that most non-profit / charity Rescue Organizations realise that they are not to be collecting funds/donations via their website from PayPal unless pre-approval has been given. As BHRR is moving to the next level of registration; ‘charity’; we are wishing to ensure that we are in proper compliance with all of PayPal’s policies. These groups who are not complying will be at risk of having their accounts suspended and/or closed permanently. I know that PayPal is also doing ‘reviews’ of accounts at this time. PayPal has indicated that we can still collect funds at this time as we wait for the compliance review/pre approval and you can donate by visiting and our account is With BHRR’s Ava expected to arrive on Sunday; donations from our BHRR supporters will be so needed to pay for her very extensive(one estimate was $6,000+) Vet plus Rehab bills(HydroTherapy, Physio + Massage). We continue to thank our supporters for being there for the BHRR animals. We are also hoping that our SPRING FEVER BASKET RAFFLE will be successful in bringing in monies to help BHRR’s Ava. We have 18 baskets currently posted and one more on its way and we would dearly love to hit 20! You can either donate a basket – human, dog or cat or donate funds(cash, MO/Check/Bank Draft to “Kanata Animal Hospita” or via PayPal) to enable us to put a basket together.

BHRR’s Dana – December 24th, 2009