United Way

For those wishing to contribute to BHRR via their United Way payroll deductions at their work of employment, at this time; we have not yet received our Charity #. We are hoping to have this by end of 2010. Up until the recent, kind plus generous offer of K. Cooper of Carters Professional Corporation – Barristers, Solicitors and Trade-mark Agents; all funds that we would try to save up on our own to begin the CRA process; would then be used to help animals in need of BHRR. Our food and vet bills are enormous as we work with Giant Breed Canines plus Equines. So many non-profit programs in Ontario are in a similar situation for the legal fees are large plus the paperwork alone is a huge undertaking. So many organizations use all funds available to continue to help the animals in need of their program(s) and it becomes a difficult task trying to also obtain their CRA status when they have no funds left over to spare. I know that for us at BHRR, we use every last penny sent our way in addition to tens of thousands of our own money to continue to help every animal we can. We are humbled by our BHRR cause being taken on by K. Cooper. We receive so many calls plus emails yearly by people that would love to donate via their United Way employment deductions and hopefully, by the 2010 United Way Campaign, we shall be in a position to accept such a thoughtful, supportive and much needed source of funding for our BHRR program(s) that will enable us to continue to help animals in need of BHRR.

Please email Gwen for more information and details on how people are currently contributing via email online money transfer payments and/or post-dated checks to us in lieu of the actual United Way deductions at this time. You can also donate anytime via the PayPal Button located on the top left corner of our homepage.

After much discussion over the past couple of years about where our vision with BHRR will take us within the next 5 years; BHRR is finally becoming incorporated in the fall of 2009 with the obtaining of our business # and from there; THANKS to the wonderful kindness of K. Cooper of Carters Professional Corporation – Barristers, Solicitors and Trade-mark Agents; amazing friend plus supporter of BHRR; her company is going to take on BHRR`s cause and as part of one of the classes she teaches; we are going to be their `guinea pig` for the filing for our official Charity Status. We will need to pay for the incorporation title search $55.00 plus G.S.T. and for the filing of the paperwork to CRA $250.00 plus G.S.T. yet that is so much more manageable than what we were looking at in fees before the offer of assistance from K. Cooper. In October; I will be attending one of her Monday classes and answering their questions and then will meet with K. Cooper in regards to the paperwork details and hopefully, by the end of 2010 as BHRR heads into our 15th year of operation; we will have our Charity number and be more than a non-profit organization!
*As of January 27th, 2010; BHRR received word from the CRA that we are now incorporated BIN#83040 1469 RC0001(effective November 27th, 2009) and now to move forward on our Charity status paperwork!*