Born: August 8th, 2008
AKC #: WS27792001
CKC #: 1103707
***Pedigree to follow
Armani De La Benjamine(WS18840601) x London Von Gigantic Blau(WS21404801)

Tain – April 11th, 2009 – 8 months

Ottawa Kennel Club – R/C Raceway – March 7th, 2009 – Sanction Match
Saturday March 7th under Judge Francois Bernier – 6-9 month puppy, Winner's Male, BOB & Best Puppy in Breed
***I still have to add Tain's slideshow…I promise I will!

NEXT SHOWS – April 24th, 25th & 26th, 2009 Lindsay, ON
Friday April 24th under Judge Susan Badick – RWD(Reserve Winners Dog)
Saturday April 25th – I pulled Tain from showing today and will post more later yet basically; a woman scared the living daylights out of Tain; rushing at him and waving her arms and making all sorts of bizarre noises as his back was sightly turned; so he could just see 'enough' of her and then she made these movement like she was going to 'hit' him….sigh…so now I am working through a 'stranger danger' phase with him….She thought it was funny and said she was 'only' joking and wanted to play with him and Tain was terrified….UGH! Anyone that has met Tain knows what a sensitive marshmallow teddybear of a mushball he is….Talk about a MAJOR setback on a Dane that has gone everywhere and done so much as a puppy and now this! 🙄 I am not sure yet if I will show him on Sunday…I spent all of my day today at parks and in pretty downtown Lindsay trying to 'show' Tain that not everyone is going to 'hurt' him etc. Talk about not only frustrating yet upsetting….sigh…HUGE thanks sent out to all that offered to help me with Tain and petted him, offered him treats(for him NOT to take treats means he is so stressed!), was so patient and kind to him and to me as we were out and about. THANKS also to the stag plus wedding partyers at my hotel for also being so wonderful with him!
Sunday April 26th under Judge Mr. R. Lopaschuk – 2nd place in class – It was not until about half an hour before ring time that I decided to actually show Tain. I took him to the show grounds early, we walked around, I got his RWD picture(his win from Friday) taken and then we spent about half an hour just practising and playing in a free ring….I also credit Sean for I spent about 20 minutes on my cell talking to him and he just gave me that final boost I needed to make the final decision. Tain had more than met my goals for today and I wanted to end on a good note and I let Tain's body language tell me how he felt(he was tired yet fairly relaxed) yet we then met this little Frenchie puppy and she was so kind as to allow her to play with Tain(apparently she just loves the big dogs and plays with a Harle all the time) and that really did the most therapy for Tain than I ever could. We went into the ring and did our best and I have a new problem to fix of his sidewinding/moving laterally on the 'go at large' yet I can work with that. He stood still, barely attempting to try and sit when the Judge touched his hind end and stacked like a pro! I am gaiting him on the diagonal on my right to help prevent his lateral movement and so, SUCCESS was ours today….while we did not take any points, WE gained so much more than that; Tain's confidence and while he is still wary; I am hoping that I can have a friend or two take him overnight or for a weekend to help him with that as well. ANY TAKERS?  😉 HUGE thanks to all the support shown to Tain and I and we are blessed!
RWD – April 24th Placement & April 26th Picture Taken

May 8-9-10, 2009 ARNPRIOR
Friday May 8th under the WONDERFUL Judge Mr. M. Doherty – Senior Puppy Dog, WD, BOW, BOS & BPIB
*Picture to be mailed to me and THANK YOU Dean for your patience plus perfection!
-I would have so desired to have a picture taken with this Judge yet Tain was exhausted after doing Group puppy.
*THANK you as well to Barry for without you; the day would have been much different!
Saturday May 9th under Mr. A. Bosa – Senior Puppy Dog, WD, BOW, BOS & BPIB
Saturday May 9th in Sweeps under Judge Ms. F. Godbout – 2nd place in 9-12 month class
*THANKS to T. Curley and another fantastic handler for reassuring Tain after those teenage boys caused a rukus in the arena
Sunday May 10th under Judge Mr. S. Dainard – Senior Puppy Dog, WD, BOW, BOS & BPIB
Senior Puppy, WD, BOS, BPIB – 9 months old – May 8th, 2009


May 23-24 & 25th, 2009 RICHMOND, ON(Near Ottawa)
Saturday May 23rd under Judge Mr. John Hodgkinson – Senior Puppy Dog, RWD & BPIB
Saturday May 24th in Sweeps under Judge Ms. Jodie O'Meara – 2nd in 9-12 month Puppy Class
Sunday May 25th under Judge Mr. Edgar Bajona – Senior Puppy Dog, RWD & BPIB

TAIN – Senior Puppy Dog, RWD & BPIB – 9.5 months old – May 25th, 2009

June 19-20-21, 2009 KINGSTON
Friday June 19th under Judge Mr. J. Ireland – Senior Puppy Dog
Saturday June 20th in Sweeps under Judge Wendy Haddrall – 9-12 month Sweeps Winner & 2nd place in Group 3 Sweeps Class
Saturday June 20th under Judge Mrs. H. Glendinning* – *We pulled TAIN
Sunday June 21st under Judge Mr. A. Bennett – Senior Puppy Dog
TAIN – Senior Puppy Dog – 10 months old – June 21st, 2009 *Expertly handled by Noreena

NEXT SHOWS July 17th, 18th, & 19th – KARS, ON(Near Ottawa) *To be handled by Noreena except for the Saturday
Friday July 17th under Judge Mrs. Valerie Gervais – Senior Puppy Dog
Saturday July 18th under Judge Mrs. Polly Smith – Senior Puppy Dog
Sunday July 19th under Judge Dr. Robert Smith – Senior Puppy Dog, WD & BOW
*Tain takes 1 point expertly handled by Noreena

July 20-21-22, 2009 LOMBARDY, ON(Near Merrickville/Smith Falls) *To be handled by Noreena
Monday July 20th under Judge Mrs. Rosemary Kemp – Senior Puppy Dog, WD & BOW
Monday July 20th in Sweeps under Judge Jodie O'Meara – 2nd place 9-12 month Class
Tuesday July 21st under Judge Mr. Mel Bungey – Senior Puppy Dog, WD & BOW
Wednesday July 22nd under Judge Mrs. Margaret Jones – Senior Puppy Dog, WD, BOB over Specials & BPIB
*Tain takes 1 point expertly handled by Noreena
TAIN – Best of Winners – 11 months old – July 20th, 2009 *Expertly handled by Noreena

August 14-15-16, 2009 BROCKVILLE *To be handled by Noreena
Friday August 14th under Judge Doug Windsor – 12-18 month Dog & WD
Saturday August 15th under Judge Levi Marsman -12-18 month Dog & RWD
Sunday August 16th under Judge Joan Scott – 12-18 month Dog & RWD
Tain – 12-18 month Dog & RWD  – 12 months old – August 16th, 2009 *Expertly handled by Noreena

August 28th, 29th & 30th  2009 LONG SAULT *To be handled by Noreena
Friday August 28th under Judge Tom Nesbitt – 12- 18 month Dog & WD
Saturday August 29th under Judge Don Emslie – 12 – 18 month Dog, WD & BOW
Sunday August 30th under Judge Phyllis Wolfish – 12-18 month Dog & RWD

November 29th in LINDSAY, ON
Sunday November 29th
under Judge Mr. M. Quinney – 12-18 month dog

December 28th @ Elora Gorge in Kitchener
Monday December 28th under Judge Norma E. Fonseca12-18 month dog & RWD
CFC CH. Tain – 12-18 month dog & RWD – 16 months old *HUGE RWD Win

February 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2010 in Markham, ON *To be handled by Noreena
Friday February 19th under Judge Bruce Marquette – No Placement
Saturday February 20th under Judge John Reeve-Newson – Noreena pulled as Tain was attacked by a GS
Sunday February 21st under Judge Ken Hammond – Noreena kept Tain pulled today
Monday February 22nd under Judge Narelle Hammond – Tain rallied back to show – Open Dog & WD

June 25th, 26th & 27th in Trois Rivières, Quebec *To be handled by Noreena
Friday June 25th under Judge Virginia Lyne – Open Dog & RWD(Reserve Winners Dog)
Saturday June 26th under Judge Maida Puterman – ?
Saturday June 26th under Judge Edward Lyons Jr(GD Specialty) – ?
Sunday June 27th under Judge Mike McBeth – 2nd place Open Dog

August 20th in Brockville, Ontario *To be handled by Noreena
Friday August 20th under Judge Jacqueline Rusby – WD

August 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th in Long Sault, Ontario *To be handled by Noreena
Friday August 27th under Judge C. MYERS-EGGERTON – WD
Saturday August 28th under Judge ERIC LIEBES – WD/BOW
*Tain takes 2 points expertly handled by Noreena
Sunday August 29th under Judge JEAN FOURNIER – WD/BOW
*Tain takes 2 points expertly handled by Noreena
Monday August 30th under Judge JIM BRICKNELL – WD/BOW
*Tain takes 2 ponts expertly handled by Noreena

November 19th, 20th & 21st in Kemptville, Ontario*To be handled by Noreena
Friday November 19th
under Judge Mr. David Ojalvo – WD/BOW
*Tain takes 3 points expertly handled by Noreena & BECOMES a CAN. CH.

*Tain only needed 2 points to finish his 3rd Championship Title & he takes 3 points as a WD/BOW!*