Bleach’s FUN Page

Bleach's FUN PAGE

Born: September 12th, 2010


8+ weeks – 11.4 KGs(25.08 pounds) – November 19th, 2010
10.5 weeks – 15 KGs(33 pounds) – November 30th, 2010
15 weeks – 26.40 KGs(58.08 pounds) – January 4th, 2011
16 weeks – 29" – January 16th, 2011
16.5 weeks – 29" – February 1st, 2011
5+ months – 45.54 KGs(100.2 pounds) – February 25th, 2011
6 months – 33" – March 24th, 2011
7.5 months – 35" – April 30th, 2011
8.5 months – 137.50 pounds – May 27th, 2011
1 day shy of 10 months – 35" – July 11th, 2011


Upate: November 28th, 2010 – Bleach is a deaf/blind Great Dane Puppy that was brought to my attention by a Vet that I work quite closely with; when he was about 3 weeks of age. This kind person has also adopted from BHRR in the past. All monies for Bleach's bills, microchip, fecal, Health Certificate, flight to Syracuse, gas etc. was paid for out of my own pocket with no funds taken whatsoever from our BHRR resources, even if most of the BHRR resources come from our own pocket as is! 🙂 As many are aware, we like 'even' numbers in our home and Sean plus I had *hoped* to add a new, this time, special needs addition within the next year. Bleach is such a great personality fit for our home and we could not be more blessed to have him here! Bleach is a new addition to our family, not an addition to any of our BHRR programs. Welcome HOME Bleach! I am teaching him scent plus touch training and he is sooooooo smart. It only took him a couple of hours to 'learn' where the water bowls were and yes, I have since purchased him his own 'safe spot' gently used leather loveseat. We have a 'no' leather furniture rule in our home re: the dogs yet for Bleach, it really is the the one and only place he feels the most 'at home' when he is on the couch. If he feels a bit unsure, he was going to our own leather couch to climb up on and so, for him to continue with his level of comfort and confidence building, he has his own 'safe spot' couch to call his. When he feels 'ok', he climbs right off and 'off' he goes again. He has learnt the layout of the house so quickly, is so friendly, happy and his best of friends are BHRR' Dana plus BHRR's Frank. Sir Maestro is still a bit rough with him as Sir Maestro is only 4 months old himself and still learning to be 'gentle' but those two are fast becoming close buds too!  I think he likes his loveseat from the picture below taken on November 26th! 🙂