Begging For Barkley Fundraiser

BHRR’s Barkley – 2.5+ year old black/tan Doberman(born April 20th, 2007), neutered, tail docked, cropped(failed). BHRR’s Barkley, another ‘Honourary’ Great Dane was surrendered to BHRR at Kanata Animal Hospital around 7:30 PM on March 31st, 2010. He is in extreme urgent need of assistance and I can only hope that perhaps when someone reads even part of his story that they might consider donating funds to help us help him. Emergency surgery was scheduled for Thursday April 1st, 2010. His surgical procedural slideshow is posted below. 4″ of his intestine was removed in addition to the flip flop piece and his intestine was then re-sectioned. From the 2 other adhesions found; this flip flop had lodged in two other places; as we had suspected before finally fully obstucting BHRR’s Barkley once more. His intestine was within about 24 hours of perforating and causing BHRR’s Barkley an agonizing death.

I feel that BHRR has been so kindly done by our supporting public that has allowed us since September of 2010 to help such incredible special needs animals like BHRR’s Jaxson, BHRR’s Potter plus BHRR’s Ava Marie and now we find ourselves reaching out in the hopes that someone(s) might consider helping BHRR’s Barkley. Around March 14th, 2010, Barkley apparently chewed a flip flop. The owners took him home from visiting Kanata Animal Hospital the week of March 15th(after Barkley had been hospitalized for a few days yet declined to do surgery) and were hoping that he would pass the flip flop as he did a year previously when he ate a sock and yet this time, the object has become lodged/obstructed in his large intestine. When he was in at the Hospital the week of March 15th, he was a very anorexic 40 KGs(88 pounds) and as of March 31st upon his surrender to BHRR; he weighed only 37 KGs(81.4 pounds) and was lethargic, painful to palpate and dehydrated. The one owner told me when she called me at Kanata Animal Hospital at around 4:30 PM on March 31st that for the last few days he appeared to be going from room to room as if looking for a place to die. They asked if BHRR would consider assisting him as an ‘honourary’ Great Dane for his other options were to be put to sleep or dying at home. They did not wish to see Barkley die if there was a way to get him the help he needs. That had just hoped and wished that he would have passed his obstruction when they took him home that week of March 15th. I was very honest and said that we would need to see his condition now for over 2 weeks have passed and he might not be stable to even survive the surgery. Barkley has been barely eating and had begun to strain more often than not when he tried to poop. He appeared to be drinking some though. I wanted to be very honest that if Barkley was not stable and with so much time having past, it might be most humane to euthanize yet BHRR would step up to assist. The belief is that the object(flip flop piece(s)) are shifting and he has now gone to a possible full obstruction. Without an exploratory/obstruction surgery, we will not know if he has a necrotic bowel etc. and we did bw, X-Rays and put him on medications plus IV fluids. His exam showed him to be painful upon palpation and it was hard even getting an IV line into his leg, took two tries. Without us taking in BHRR’S Barkley, he would shortly be dead. That is a hard reality and he does not deserve to die when BHRR is prepared to try and save him. I will take and post pictures of this boy ASAP.

From deep within my heart, I thank everyone for reading this blog and for your consideration. I know this is why BHRR exists YET I also know that without our ‘chain of success’ links being as strong as they have been, that we could not do all that we do and on behalf of BHRR’s Barkley, I am truly begging for more help so that we can help him get better.This ‘Begging for Barkley’s’ Fundraiser page will be dedicated to the ongoing fundraiser to assist us with raising the necessary funds to pay for Barkley’s Obstruction Vet plus Rehab Bills. Our goal is to try and raise the $2,400+ for his exploratory/obstruction surgery that was scheduled for Thursday April 1st. Due to the extreme urgent nature of this situation, Barkley’s surgery had been scheduled ASAP.

You can donate by email transfer to or by PayPal(account is OR you can write a check/MO or Bank Draft out to ‘Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services’ OR to ‘Gwendilin & Sean Boers’ for his Vet Bills with BHRR’s Barkley in the memo section and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR you can call Kanata Animal Hospital at (613) 836-2848 to pay on Barkley’s Bill directly by Visa, AMEX or M/C – “Barkley’s” bill is under the account name of ‘Birch Haven Rescue.’

Donations To Date: $2,022.22

Vet Bills To Date: $2,400+ *Exam, BW, IV Fluids, Medications, X-Rays, Surgery + removal of 4″ of intestine

Remaining To Raise: $0.00

Begging For Barkley’s Angels:

A. & K. Twaddle
Jess & Kate
Special Needs Dobermans 911 Organization
Karen & Mavis
Balance paid off by Gwendilin, Founder of BHRR

BHRR’s Barkley – Post – OP @ BHRR April 1st & BHRR’s Barkley – April 2nd – one day post-op